Not going to get angry about this….will not lose my temper….Nope, not gonna get angry….

but I am going to ask you to take action. It seems our ‘Democrat’ Party lawmakers can’t even do that. Make laws that is without some outside help that is. Yep, the Telcos have stepped up to the plate to ‘help’ resolve the FISA crisis. I say send their CEOs and head legal counsel to the chokey. They all knew what they were doing and are still doing today was and is illegal. Totally illegal….

That’s why they want a get out of jail card folks. And guess who’s their to ‘help’ them ‘help’ the House. Our pals, our Democratic ‘Leaderscum’ Queen Pelosi and  her faithful sidekick Steney ‘I love Money’ Hoyer. Here’s a link to tell Hoyer, ‘Hell no!’ on this. Here’s one to the House and here’s one to the Senate. Let ’em know how you feel. And, no, I don’t care how polite you are these assclowns are obviously listening to the sound of big money and ya gotta really get fierce to be heard over that.

And as we approach the elections please remember that Sister Beezlebub, McSame and The Glass-Jawed Barry are not the only game in town. We’ve two very progressive candidates for Madame Speaker’s job and frankly I can think of no better way to send a message than to give her the boot. That may not be possible, no polling exists as far as I know, but at the least we can send her a message. Something along the lines of, ‘Shape up or Ship Out!’

Frankly, I’d like to see her go or lose her Speakership. She’s been, as have many others in the Dem caucus, much more Republican than Democrat and that is not what the citizenry wants. Of that I am certain sure.

So, stay tuned. McSame vs. Whoevah! is not the only game in town.


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