Larry Johnson on John Edwards Endorsing Senator ‘Hope’….

Larry has an interesting theory about what was really  up with JRE’s rather oddly timed endorsement of Barry. Here ya go:

‘Barack’s loss in West Virginia is unprecedented in a presidential primary. A 47 point spread? Are you kidding me. That’s not even close. And what do the reality based Democratic leaders do? They scramble to do everything in their power to distract public attention from that fact and move on to other things like sending out John Edwards and Naral to endorse Barack.’

Clik on through to the entire post. Warning: This material pulls no punches. If you  are ‘believer’ if you think ‘Yes we can!’ is politics DO NOT CLIK ON THIS LINK. Larry Johnson is ex-CIA and he is as angry as a human can a get at Barry and the ‘Boyz on the Blogz’, I’ve avoided linking to him previously NOT BECAUSE I THINK HE’S WRONG ABOUT BARRY but rather in the hope that folks would take the time and energy to find out for themselves.

This is not happening.

So I’m taking a big dose of Larry’s aggressive in-your-face blogging, kinda like a big fresh caught fish…no Sacramento salmon this year….thanks Miss Nancy….SellOut Reid, and whappin’ the low-info voter right in the phiz with it! Takes that kind of  blogging to get yer attention I can supply same.

Oh….yeah….one minor detail folks.

Elizabeth Edwards is not expected to endorse The Magic Man. And by ‘not expected….’ I mean no chance in hell pal. If you are female or LGBT you know what that means. If your male and don’t…go ask someone.


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