Let me explain something to you folks out there in the ‘sphere…..

I’m doing this blogging thing for several reasons. One, I enjoy writing and the research is also fun. I like finding out new stuff. Two as a veteran of American politics for over 40 years, most of it under the jerry-rigged Fascist state the ReThugs have assembled….yes malcontent it is jerry-rigged if it wasn’t I’d have gone to the firing squad decads before you ever met me, I think I’ve got a perspective to offer. You may disagree that’s your right which I will defend. And if anyone reading this want’s to write a post or posts attempting to refute what I’ve got to say…In the words of our Great Leader: ‘Bring it On!’

Now, I am worried, deeply worried as I have never seen a movement quite like Obama’s. I suppose such did exist in opposition to FDR and perhaps Lincoln at no other time, including McCarthy’s, do I think we faced as grave a danger to our freedom from within.

The Senator whose campaign went from ‘Yes we can!’ to ‘Why won’t the Bitch Quit!’ Intends to declare victory in the Primary contest next week. This despite not having the votes to do so. Now here is where I separate myself from many who support him. It’s not so hard to understand.

I am a Democrat. A proud working-class Democrat who knows the value of work and who knows who built the infrastructure that the clueless ‘creative class’ many in the blogosphere think they belong to.

Got that?


Democrats count all the votes. They do not, for any reason, much less the Republican controlled legislature moving Florida’s primary up through a bill they new many Dems would feel they needed to vote for not count the votes. Not counting the votes is something Republicans, and Obama, say is perfectly acceptable.

It is not.

Here’s a nice YouTube mashup that will show you  some fellow Democrats expressing themselves on the subject of being disenfranchised. Watch it. Think about what is going on here and as malcontent would ask, ‘Cui Bono?’

And don’t worry the Electoral College analysis post is coming.

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  1. IndyRobin says:

    Thanks so much for your support. We really apprecitae it. PLEASE go to YouTube and mark the video as your fav and leave a comment or it will not get any attention. We made the video now its up to all of you to keep it alive.

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