Do Any of You Folks Have a Daughter?

May 19, 2008

If you do you might be interested in this from our old pal Echidne of the Snakes

Here is the linkup paragraph:

Rosenbloom and his colleagues used a standard personality-inventory test to measure people’s preferences for different kinds of work. In general, Rosenbloom’s study found, men and women who enjoyed the explicit manipulation of tools or machines were more likely to choose IT careers – and it was mostly men who scored high in this area. Meanwhile, people who enjoyed working with others were less likely to choose IT careers. Women, on average, were more likely to score high in this arena.

Personal preference, Rosenbloom and his group concluded, was the single largest determinative factor in whether women went into IT. They calculated that preference accounted for about two-thirds of the gender imbalance in the field. The study was published in November in the Journal of Economic Psychology.

It may seem like a cliche – or rank sexism – to say women like to work with people, and men prefer to work with things. Rosenbloom acknowledges that, but says that whether due to socialization or "more basic differences," the genders on average demonstrate different vocational interests.

"It sounds like stereotypes," he said in an interview, "but these stereotypes have a germ of truth."

In the language of the social sciences, Rosenbloom found that the women were "self-selecting" out of IT careers’

Which is in itself a quote from teh NYT article Dear Echidne is dissecting. Read it. It could not be more relevant to the message being sent by the ‘Democrat’ Party about what sorts of people are fit to lead us and which are…..

…most certainly not.

Think about it. Make up your own mind.

‘Fight Back!’