Fascinating Politics We Havin’ Ain’t We….

My disgust rises day by day as Obama and his minions of ignorance advance shouting, ‘She cannot win!’ Makes a change from ‘Yes We Can!’. I suppose. And the McSame sideshow! ‘Old Geezer….’, ‘Lunatic…’, ‘Warmonger!’ and on and on as if the contest is gonna be with Ol’ Man McSame….

Get a grip folks. Who wins depends on who campaigns it’s that simple. Barry the Glass-Jawed One runs it’s McSame at least that’s what it looks like know. Sister Beezlebub now calling for the assassination of Barry, at least according to the Obamatons, is a winner. So it looks tonight….

But let’s look at something that the corporatist press would rather you did not. Know what I mean. Sometimes what is not discussed is of great significance to what is actually going on. Here’s the teaser paragraph:

From Brandeis Magazine, Spring 2008
By E.J. Graff, Senior Researcher, Gender & Justice Project, Schuster Institute for Investigative Journalism

‘In 1999, on the fiftieth anniversary of the signing of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, feminist legal scholar Catherine MacKinnon published a provocative and now-famous essay asking, “Are women human?” If they are, she asked, why aren’t systematic violations of women’s lives—sex trafficking, bride burning, domestic violence, “selling” of child brides, mass wartime rapes—treated as violations of human rights?

The world is still waiting for these violations of women’s lives to be universally treated as human rights violations. Among the contributing factors: how women are portrayed (or not portrayed) in the news media. The news is supposed to deliver an accurate snapshot of our world, with all its important problems, issues, and players. If women are not revealed as part of our shared human reality, how can women’s problems be treated as such? And so I am adapting her title slightly, to ask: Do women count to the news media? Are women shown in full, as active and important parts of the world—or are we missing, misrepresented, or marginalized? In short, do women count?’

Click on thru and read the whole thing. And then ask youself, ‘Just what is going on in American society today and are are we actually headed for a more progressive society?

Or not…..


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