tekstone’s thought for the day

Earlier this morning, I received the following message from our old friend “tekstone.” In my opinion, some of his basic premises are a bit off base, but overall, I appreciate his opinion and respect his set of conclusions. I intend to expound on these issues in the very near future.

we already have bio-diesel cars that run on renewable biomass fuel – and have for a loooong time (see history of diesel engine)


we already have hybrid cars that allow the poor petroleum companies to be slowly weened off their $11billion profit per quarter habit. (don’t want to do anything too drastic now…)


why don’t we have bio-diesel hybrids dominating the roads? we would be free of foreign fossil-fuel dependence – making us safer – AND we would be cleaner and more efficient all at once!

the main reason we don’t have bio-diesel hybrids? one article puts it this way:

The only obstacle is profit. Making America a safer and more socially responsible country just isn’t cost-effective for two of America’s most important corporations. Or, even worse, making America safer isn’t even a concern.

this, my friends, is the thought for the day. feel free to forward to others. maybe if enough people realize how beholden we are to corporate profits at the direct expense of our national security and our potential survival as a species, we can set ourselves on a new course…

this is not about Democrat vs. Republican or what poor people are doing that the rich people don’t like or who is winning American Idol – so you won’t see this on the so-called news stations. but our dependence on foreign fossil fuel is the direct cause of the “terrorist” threats (real or perceived) and the “global climate crisis” – the two most serious issues facing us as a civilization that we have been “too busy” and too distracted to address.

yes, we are too busy arguing about whether gay people can marry or how we should keep Mexicans out of our country. but let the polar ice caps melt and keep giving billions of dollars to terrorist states for their oil.

we are a strange people aren’t we?


2 Responses to tekstone’s thought for the day

  1. A.Citizen says:

    Many good points here but really what needs to be discussed is not transportation technology as it should be, that basic problem is already solved electric cars will be what are driven in the future, but the reasons why this has not already happened and why those reasons bode ill for the very survival of our society, I’m speaking globally here now, into the future.

    As the deeply researched and disturbing book Collapse: How Societies Choose to Fail or Succeed by Jared Diamond shows society’s do in fact fail. That is, they cease to exist and in many cases even the memory of who they were disappears. Indeed putting together my recent read ‘1491’ with what one of my favorites The Origin of Wealth has to say about evolution and society through the lens of economics I could easily make the case that our society is doomed to catastrophic failure with an accompanying crash in population. In other words, Bush is right. We all end up dead; and sooner than you will feel comfortable with. A lot sooner…

    Now Robert Wright gives us some cause for optimism with work such as: Nonzero: The Logic of Human Destiny but as long as the discussion remains on the level the 100 mpg carburetor vs the hybrid car or Sister Beezlebub vs Barry the Glass-Jawed you can pretty much figure man will be next to extinct in a few hundred years.

    The problem is within us just as the Xtian Death Cultists would have you believe but…

    It’s not some figment like our soul that needs to be understood and worked with but rather…..

    How we’ve evolved to think the way we do, how that ‘thinking’ is hardwired and not easily amenable to change through ‘education’, and what the implications of that thinking are for our society and us as individuals.

    I guarandamntee your one thing. Thinking somebody else is gonna come along and fix things is the surest road to The Road to Olduvai Gorge….

    Now….please, there is nothing to see here…no polling…no facts….just the buzzing static of the TeeBee…The Lakers….The Giants….The A’s.

    Kindly keep moving….

    Nothing to see here.

  2. Charlie Peters says:

    What was the cause of death of Alexander Farrell, 46, expert on alternative fuels?


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