As part of my ongoing fight against ignorance, hubris and all around Republican behavior……

May 24, 2008

Here are some more Electoral College maps. These the usual  averaged basket of polls suchlike. No need to worry about what a Monte Carlo simulation is….heh…..

Clik on each map for a bigger better view. Res Ipsa Loquitor folks.


What an Act of Citizenship looks like…..

May 24, 2008

Ambassador Joe Wilson’s very entertaining talk on Neocons, America, patriotism, and Republican traitors:

  • And here’s the rest in order:
  • Part II
  • Part III
  • Part IV
  • Part V
  • Amazing the ‘Boyz on the Blogz’ don’t have time for this. I guess Sister Beezlebub’s plan to have Senator Obama assassinated is taking all their time and attention.

    I’ve met Joe Wilson and talked with him. Every American should be proud that we have such men, and women like him, to stand up for our nation’s principles overseas and increasingly important…..

    … against the face of Fascism which has taken root in our soil and bids to block out the sun of liberty were it not for such as Joe Wilson.

    Take a look in the mirror tomorrow morning and ask yourself, ‘What do I intend to do to support such as Ambassador Wilson in the fight against American Fascism, wherever it may be found? What is my answer to B. Franklin’s question?’
    Because folks, like it or not, your answers to those questions will determine if you children live free or as slaves.