Krugman Channeled by the Best Blogger Now in the ‘Sphere…..

Here’s Krugman’s quote in Anglachel’s Journal:

‘…the nightmare Mr. Obama and his supporters should fear is that in an election year in which everything favors the Democrats, he will nonetheless manage to lose.’

But I’m not linking to The Shrill One today, much as I admire his skills as a thinker and writer…shut UP! Bowers…stuff a cork in in Kos…you guys are wet-behind-the-ears bozos in clown shoes compared to Paul, not it’s Anglachel I want you to read. Clik on this para to go there:

‘I’ve been taking time out from the blogosphere the last few days to attend to ordinary things, like replacing my printer and doing some spring cleaning, and I come back to find out I’m really not one of the Important Bloggers of Left Blogistan. It seems that bloggers who are Important have been contacted by People Who Know and have been seriously informed that It Is Over and just accept that Obama will be the nominee. The Important people are now telling us peons to get on the Unity Bus before it leaves the station (I guess the Unity Pony is a bit spavined by now) and we are Left Behind. BTD has even announced that he will despise us if we don’t all get on board.’

BTD, that’s Big Tent Democrat is an idiot…he was an idiot when Kos threw him out of dKos back when he was called Armando…and he still is an idiot, is of the ‘BoneHead’ Bowers wing of Blogistan. Those are the folks who are just like so totally sure that Barry is gonna lead us to the promised land of a Dem White House.

Sure pals…And I am Queen of the May!


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