Who Let the Dogs Out?

A great post about just how the corporatist press works; or rather is given it’s marching orders. By way of Anglachel’s Journal we get a quote from Bob Somerby, a blogger I’ve known about for a while but really never got to know, who gives us a real look at just how certain misstatements or other ‘incidents’ become important while others….not so much.

Here’s the leadin paragraph:

‘MEYERSON (5/28/08): Had Florida and Michigan conducted their primaries the way the other 48 states conducted their own primaries and caucuses—that is, in accord with the very clear calendar laid down by the DNC well before the primaries began—then Clinton’s marchers would be utterly justified in their claims. But when the two states flouted those rules by moving their primaries outside the prescribed time frame, the DNC, which gave neither state a waiver to do so, decreed that their primaries would not count and enjoined all presidential candidates from campaigning in those states. Obama and John Edwards complied with the DNC’s dictates by removing their names from the Michigan ballot. Clinton did not.

Seating Michigan in full would mean the party validates the kind of one-candidate election (well, 1.03, to give Dennis Kucinich, Chris Dodd and Mike Gravel, who also remained on the ballot, their due) that is more common in autocracies than democracies. It would mean rewarding the one serious candidate who didn’t remove her name from the ballot when all her rivals, in deference to the national party rules, did just that.’

Read the whole thing. It’s a little convoluted what, to do with modern politics…or old for that matter, isn’t. Bottom line we have, as many have pointed out, taken on the characteristics of that society we fought for so long. Yes, children I know you think the ‘Commies’ were some imaginary Boomer boogeyman but, in actual fact, they were not. They were a group who thought you could run a society of millions with the same top down authority structure our ancestors used to control a ‘troop’ of around 150 individuals.

You can’t.

But nobody told Cheney, Bush or the Evangelicals so here we are: The few trying without much success to impose their vision of reality on the many.

Not gonna work and it’s very bad juju for us as it’s taking us further down the road to a point of no return. A point where it will be too late to fix things.

Wale up. Smell the Coffee and….

Think for yourself.


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