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Here’s the lead in paragraph:

‘This is the Achilles heel of the blogosphere, not so much being bought out as being seduced, having your ego stroked, being invited inside the magic circle where the sheer force of your intellect and the brilliance of your insight will get the big talking heads on TV or the columnists and editors from the Big Papers to frown, deep in thought, and then grudgingly admit that you are right, by golly. See, see, look, I’m having an impact on the MSM! Look how important I am! Look how powerful I am!’

Indeed, I have personally witnessed this. Bloggers I know, both local and national, are under the delusion that the MSM now wants their input. Bloggers I know, both local and national, have in my opinion and from the threads and their behavior been paid by Obama’s campaign. The ‘blogging’ phenomena started as a citizen’s based movement to provide a forum for open and free discussion. This it no longer is. I have been booted off several sites, not because I talked about slitting Hillary’s throat or  lynching Obama which comments abound today on many A-List sites or should I say O-List sites, and I might be booted off several more. Doesn’t matter as I made clear to Kid Oakland yesterday if he had a problem with what I was saying on his thread then come out in the open and debate the issues I raised. Threats, made off thread,  promising to boot me from the thread if I did not change my approach or tone, in other words ‘Shut Up!’ are the order of the day from folks like him Bowers, Kos and Marshall. These guys have gotten such an inflated ego now, ala Barry, that anyone who disagrees with them is due for the chop.

Well as I posted in: ‘Censorship, The Committee of Three and a Warning from the Past.’  I’ve seen this before and it gets worse folks. Your progressive blogosphere is going totalitarian. With oodles of cash sloshing thought it courtesy of Mr. ‘Yes we can!’ an outbreak of egomania we are ripe for the ‘Big Disillusionment’ which will come as the millions of new users of the ‘sphere find that the only difference between Kos, Marshall, Bowers and KO is that they make a lot less money than Tweety and PumpkinHaid. The ‘sphere remains a very big place and is still self-policing. dKos’ reach and traffic fell off the cliff last month. That site still has a long way to fall but I believe it is going away. The utility of it is gone. If you don’t agree with the mob there they will lynch you and that, in the long run, hardly makes the place appealing to visitors new or old.

I will be looking for more sites like Anglachel’s Journal or The Confluence where new voices may be heard.. In the long run Darwin’s evolutionary meme will winnow the field. Whether we are left with a few packs of howler monkeys or move on to a truly civilized ‘sphere depends on whether Robert Wright was correct in his seminal book: Nonzero: The Logic of Human Destiny. I think he is and will continue to blog as if that is true. I think that when historians look back upon this summer they will be writing about how once again the Left revealed itself just as intolerant and tending to the Fascist in the mass as the Right has always been in it’s internal politics. 1968 is repeating itself in a lot of disturbing ways one of the most being the ‘Progressive’ movements thirst for conservative blood blinding it’s leaders to the fact that they, in reality, have no real agenda apart from, ‘Get the Republicans’.

It will be fascinating to see how this plays in the GE.

My prediction is that, ‘Git ’em, get them dang ReThugs.’ isn’t going to be as successful as Miss Nancy and her pal Senator SnakeOil think it is. But then, what do I know?

Flash Alert: Today is a big day in the Dem Primary cage-match-from-hell, by the way I want to thank Howard Dean for fucking this up so gotdamn much, and you should tune in to The Confluence, FDL and Anglachel’s Journal. If you want some Obaman input MyDD  is still okay although I would not let the kids read the threads. They are not good example of how to ‘make nice’. Have a good weekend and remember what the Yogi said, Berra that is, ‘It ain’t over ’til it’s over.’

Flash Alert II: Looks like MyDD may be liveblogging, with a video link, the Democratic National Committee’s Rules and Bylaws Committee where, if you are not tuned in, the primary battle may be decided by the committee’s ruling on the status of delegates from FL and MI.


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