You are not gonna like this…I sure did not…but….

June 1, 2008

Just as I blogged about President Death and the Treason of Rove & Co. I’m gonna keep on blogging about those threats I see to our way of life, fat and wasteful as we are, I believe the American way of life has much more good in it than bad.

But you out there.

You had better start doing more than just pay attention, although that will do for nice start. Jane, spine of steel that woman has to be posting these clips in this atmosphere, shows us a variety of opinions on yesterday’s actions by the Democratic Party to ‘fix’ what is now being called ‘The ClusterFuck’. This first clip isĀ  pretty much were I am at at the moment. Be sure, absolutely sure you watch the last one.

A poster at No Quarter makes good catch on the affairs of our ‘Demcorat’ Party and their adherence to their own rules.

I leave you with Sinclair Lewis:

‘…Fascism will come to America wrapped in a flag and carryining a cross…’


I’ve taken to adding a little couplet…with apologies to A. Pope to my comments….

June 1, 2008

..made in the threads. It goes like this:

Think for yourself.
Don’t believe everything you hear

And frankly was intended as a gentle way to get Obamafans to do just what the words say. But in all fairness….

There are quite a few folks out there who could profit a great deal by taking my advice.

If you do check this out be sure and read the comments and yet more ReThuglican tax cant and how it works will become clear to you.

And if you think because you have a TeeBee and can afford to drink all the beer you want then please…..

Move along, nothing to see here.