Yep….We report….you decide….

This fifteen page report on the relative roles caucuses played as opposed to primaries is well worth the time. It’s important, I believe, to understand just how things work. Well…maybe you really don’t have to know how you car engine works to drive it….

But that approach has certain drawbacks when you apply it to who you support politically.

Read it or not. Up to you.

2008 Democratic Presidential Preference Election

Who is the author? Here’s a synopsis from Jeralyn at TalkLeft:

Peniel Cronin is the President & CEO of Global Basics and Cronin holds a B.S. in Accounting from Arizona State University and has 16 years experience as an accountant and Director of Marketing for several SMEs.

Cronin directs all strategic development and product/market research and developed the algorithms and database that power the eNameWiz multilingual domain creation and search system.

Representative clients through Global Basics have included the Arizona Office of Tourism, the Nevada Commission on Tourism, the Arizona Shopping Consortium, Shop America Alliance, America West Airlines, Southwest Airlines, AeroMexico and numerous other travel and domain industry organizations. Cronin holds three US & German Patents, several trademarks and numerous copyrights.

Cronin suffers from a disability resulting from a car accident 40 years ago at age 12 which left her “wheelchair bound” for two years, at a time when there were no curb cuts or ramps and nothing was accessible. This is what fueled her passion about the caucus information. She knows what it’s like to be locked-out of the mainstream and to be excluded from full participation in what others take for granted.


2 Responses to Yep….We report….you decide….

  1. pat says:

    I skipped down to the conclusions, where I skimmed over all the Clinton talking points. I bet if Clinton had had the political savvy to pay more attention to the caucus states, and had won there, this report would not have been written.

    I agree that the process by which the Democratic party chooses its nominee is flawed and requires a massive overhaul. But that is the process in place, everyone knew it, and the one who played the game better won.

  2. A.Citizen says:

    I take your point, but to me when the political ‘game’ is won by disenfranchising the majority of Dem primary voters to elect an incompetent legislator I say, ‘Time for the SDs to do their job.’

    Many are happy to see The Magic Man win using Republican tactics which for decades Dems have condemned as being deadly to the idea of democracy itself.

    I guess we can all heave a sigh of relief that at least one Dem figured out how to ‘win’. Have I got that right; as long as you win according to the ‘rules’ everything is good. And that’s why 2000 was no big deal as well?


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