Baseline: Obama vs. McCaine

June 3, 2008

56.0% probability of winning 42.9% probability of winning
Mean of 273 electoral votes Mean of 265 electoral votes

48.7 to 35.7…..and beyond $4.00/gallon gasoline……

June 3, 2008

No issue I’ve discussed lately with my associates who do not follow politics much and to whom the vicious race between Obama and Clinton is just sort of a background murmur. Nothin’ to get excited about that’s for sure since, ‘All politicians are crooks and liars and such. But bring up the fact that….

…gas is over $4.00/gal and folks start talkin’ like they are ready for ‘The Revolution’.

Well…it’s great for me because I can then get these folk’s minds ticking over a little. The actual price of gas is a somewhat complicated issue to understand. Those two numbers in the title of this post? They have something to do with it fer sure…

To learn why they are important and a lot of other incredible stuff about the how oil is priced read:

You better get used to $4 gas

With the knowledge you get from this article you should be able to estimate how much gas should be if you know the price of a barrle of oil.

Economics can be fun!

Well, sorta….

Supposedly we’ll know our fate soon….very soon…

June 3, 2008

AP has already graciously called the Dem primary for Senator Obama. Nice of ’em….I gits a headache something awful when I have to add…ya know.


Back at the Ranch:

‘A unified front is forming in Iraq among Sunnis and Shiites, opposed to the terms of the draft of a long-term security agreement to keep US forces in the country. Muqtada al-Sadr tapped into a populist rejection of the US occupation and the Iraqi government, for now, is playing hardball.’

Yep, we’re still stuck in Iraq. Well…stuck ain’t quite the word. More like…..

We are never evah gonna leave! Jes forget about it. Get over it folks. Check out this para:

Juan Cole notes that they want to be able to arrest and detain any Iraqi they deem to represent a threat to security, and full immunity protection in Iraqi courts for military personnel and contractors. And the contract proposals that have been signed in recent weeks show the desire for a continuing presence, and it’s not too hard for the Iraqis to catch on to this.’

Sovereignty anyone? Read the whole thing at Hullaballo. On wonders how much longer the Iraqis will tolerate us. If the nation was unified they could wipe our Army off the map in a week. Of course as long as Bush remains POTUS they might stay cautious. He’s very likely to start lobbin’ Nukes if he thinks he’s gonna lose ‘his war’.

And I don’t see the ‘Democrat’ Party doin’ much more in response to such an action than: