48.7 to 35.7…..and beyond $4.00/gallon gasoline……

No issue I’ve discussed lately with my associates who do not follow politics much and to whom the vicious race between Obama and Clinton is just sort of a background murmur. Nothin’ to get excited about that’s for sure since, ‘All politicians are crooks and liars and such. But bring up the fact that….

…gas is over $4.00/gal and folks start talkin’ like they are ready for ‘The Revolution’.

Well…it’s great for me because I can then get these folk’s minds ticking over a little. The actual price of gas is a somewhat complicated issue to understand. Those two numbers in the title of this post? They have something to do with it fer sure…

To learn why they are important and a lot of other incredible stuff about the how oil is priced read:

You better get used to $4 gas

With the knowledge you get from this article you should be able to estimate how much gas should be if you know the price of a barrle of oil.

Economics can be fun!

Well, sorta….


One Response to 48.7 to 35.7…..and beyond $4.00/gallon gasoline……

  1. kathleen Mccoy says:

    I think this is all the biggest bunch of crap you dont know really what all this cause an America better wake the hell up..I cant be sure about anyone else but this isnt just a social problem its hitting way deeper at this point. Is no one else having troubles not just insuring there cars ( I mean after all we were asked to put it on a ballot for vote instead they just did it without us like the smoking thing an then made it to mandatory at a conveinant price all of which it has yet to be) an registering (which is all null an void if you have no insurance then goes your license that cost you 50+IF you have enough left after you pay to have the other 2 to be reinstated)a vehicle in this town now were adding gas to the problem an what exactly are the real reasons were paying these high prices? Does anyone really know? I mean it goes from the rigs drillin an that we dont have enough of our own? Apparently not but did we not just loose one in Katrina ? an when the war was going on how many oil rigs were off an just burning an what are we doing over there still rebuilding there country? WHY is that are they not all coming here to live in the land of the free anyway? an dont we have enough to do right here at home an why not in trade for this rebuilding can we not get some of that oil at a reasonable price kinda a thank you?
    Well while all this goes on in front of us that we just keep ignoring are you able to ignor your family at home as there struggling an for many of us soclose to each others throats because we cant do the simple things in life like go see your parents on the weekend go out a vacation in your own state anything , anything at all ever. Well for me a lot of my friends work is a struggle to get to on a daily basis. Myself with 3 daughters 2 which have graduated high school an now work have to be driven by guess who an the other to school not to mention the other places teenagers would love to go an not all are in route of a bus. then there would be me working 2 jobs one during the day after I go an drop them off then go then come home pick them up an go back to work my self an returning at midnight all the while worring if Im gonna make it to the next destination as far as gas goes. an by the way my car since the botched repair again all together totalling over 1400 just in the last 4 months does NOT have current registration tags an my license is suspended I dont have ins. anymore an why my kids dont drive what would you suggest we get for them I cant afford any of it what makes anyone think they may . It should be this hard to live in this state of all states to own a car. its not like youll survive if your out walking an you would be pretty surprised to see how many of our prisoners are just that because of trying to own a car in this state.
    So Arizona maybe everyone better focus on what s really happening in our lives an DO SOMETHING ABOUT IT starting with the gas prices an working our way down to our own city government an the laws we are voting on an doing something about it . How are we worrying about what s going on abroad when we have so much right here to deal with .,..

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