The Fitz issues a warning to…

June 4, 2008

all malefactors in the ‘Illinois Machine’ case. To whit:

U.S. Attorney Patrick J. Fitzgerald said the verdict represented “an antidote to the poison of corruption” that trial testimony alleged included the fixing of state boards that controlled a $40 billion pension fund and made major decisions about million-dollar hospital construction.

He expressed hope it would have an effect on Illinois politicians.

“If morals don’t get to them, I hope the fear of going to jail does,” Fitzgerald told reporters.


Breaking: Rezko goes down on 16 Counts….

June 4, 2008

Walks on eight.

Who’s Rezko some ask? Well, it’s a real long story and since I don’t want to get typist’s cramp I’m sending you to the Chicago Tribune a still great paper which has been covering the activities of the ‘Illinois Machine’ for years. What the heck is the ‘Illinois Machine’ you ask…

Tell me you didn’t vote in the CA Primary. If you don’t know what the ‘Illinois Machine’ is and who belongs to it you have not business near a voting machine.

What’s that?


malcontent sez: ‘Stop haranguing the folks and get with the linky’s’



Chicago Tribune and their ‘window on corruption…’

Man, that will take you hours to wade, and I do mean wade, through.


No Quarter breaks the news despite having been under various forms of  cyber-attack all night.


You think about it…do your own research.

Obama and the suicide of the Democratic Party is a topic I will be visiting time to time but I really can’t get too involved in.. As I told Howard Dean at facebook today I really cannot support the actions of the party in denying Dem primary voters their vote, a Republican tactic, to nominate a Republican-lite candidate who won by voter suppression. Howard could, of course, give f#$k what I think but hey….

It’s gonna be pretty hard to ban me from the blog where I write 93% of the posts. Jane, whom I also contacted at facebook, a woman whom I stand in awe of for her steel spine and great writing skills told the ‘Boyz on the Blogz’ and the Obamacans where it is at today. Outstanding post about what the situation realy is as opposed to having an orgasm every time the MSM announces that Hillary is conceding.

As always I report….you decide…

Flash Alert: I’m getting reports from everywhere that Hillary is conceding.  But… she’s not releasing her delegates….what next one wonders?