Like to introduce you to a fellow contrarian of mine in the ‘sphere….

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BLAME THE TEACHERS WELL: It seems like only yesterday! Reporter Bill Turque was counting the buttons on Candidate Gore’s deeply troubling suits—and offering psychiatric explanations for Gore’s deeply troubling conduct. (Link below. Brian Williams is involved.) By contrast, in this morning’s Post, Turque reports the latest lofty statement about public schools from the nation’s high-minded reformers.

As a nation, we might have been better served if Bill had just counted their buttons.

The high-mindeds had all reported for duty! “ ‘Standing Up for the Children,’ ” the headline says, quoting one of their lofty statements. But uh-oh! Here’s paragraph 3:

TURQUE (6/12/08): Flanked by a group of prominent education officials and advocates, including D.C. Schools Chancellor Michelle A. Rhee, Baltimore City schools chief Andres Alonso and former Colorado governor and Los Angeles Schools superintendent Roy Romer, the two [Joel Klein and Al Sharpton] endorsed no candidate and offered few specific policy directives. But they said they intend to drive the debate through position papers, public forums planned at national conventions in Denver and Minneapolis-St. Paul and behind-the-scenes advocacy with the campaigns.

Darn it! Klein and Sharpton forgot to say what should be done—though they promised they’d fill us in later. But it seems that Sharpton may have blurted a bit of their high-minded thinking:

TURQUE: “To me this is not just an issue of school reform," Klein said. "It is a civil rights issue, the civil rights issue of our time."

Sharpton, a 2004 presidential candidate who has close political ties to Klein’s boss, New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg, said it was time for the traditional civil rights coalition to seek "a new paradigm," confronting old allies such as the teachers unions and insisting that they become more accountable for student performance.

Hey…….keep on going.

We are now in era of absolutely no accountability at all. ‘Accidentally’ invade another country and slaughter hundreds of thousands of it’s citizens with your overpriced war toys? No prob….accountablility is ‘off the table…’; put the fix in on the closest Democratic Party primary race in generations…no problemo, keep your job and move to Chicago. Turn out generations of ill-educated, ill-informed little fascists?

Do not worry it’s not your fault, it’s theirs Sharpton sez so, plus you can allus throw them in jail.

One Response to Like to introduce you to a fellow contrarian of mine in the ‘sphere….

  1. opit says:

    It takes a long time – perhaps never – before ‘the penny drops’. Saw this in my travels

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