Food for thought….

June 22, 2008

From The California Progress Report we have and excellent post about what we progressives should be doing. Advancing an agenda not a candidate. Here is the opening section:

40th Anniversary of Poor People’s March on Washington is Opportunity for Californians to Act on King’s Dream

By Jenny Oropeza
California State Senator

This summer marks the 40th anniversary of the “Poor People’s Campaign” to address issues of economic justice conceived by Rev. Martin Luther King, Jr. shortly before his death.

Clik on thru and read the whole thing. As I commented to this post, ‘This what we should be doing as Progressives. That is, putting forth an agenda, a program, not a candidate….’ go on read the whole thing.


I thought Senator Obama was going to ‘Unite” us….

June 22, 2008

Here is someone who does not see  it quite that way:

In response to Obama’s claim that Republicans will use race to stoke fear, Lt. Col Allen West, candidate for Congress in Florida’s 22 District issued this release: (Clarice Feldman)

“My advice to Senator Obama is to run as a Man and Leader, and the American people will evaluate you as such, not as a victim. This is a Presidential race, based solely on a capacity to lead the United States of America. It is not about skin tone…however, perhaps we should come to expect these immature statements.

It also seems rather humorous that the Presidential candidate who was supposed to be such a “uniter” and transcend race is the one talking about it the most. If Senator Obama was confident in his abilities and character, he would not need to create a crutch for failure. Senator Obama has just tipped his hand, any criticism of him and his policies will be directly attributed to racism. I congratulate Senator Obama for taking race relations in America back some 30 years.” Lt. Col Allen West

I post this not because I like Republicans but because I’m kind of partial to the truth and…well, Obama is the sort of liar I thought we’d only see once in a generation. We elected Bush. I don’t think the nation can take another lying, empty suit in the W.H. And seems like a lot more folks are coming to that conclusion.

Draft the person who got the most votes.