Flash Alert: Corporatist Media tells the Truth About Bush!

In this fast-breaking story the coporatist press finally tells it like it is.

The response of the Obama campaign and DNC ‘leadership’ has so far been what you would expect:



2 Responses to Flash Alert: Corporatist Media tells the Truth About Bush!

  1. A.Citizen says:

    And yet despite the long years of agony, pain and yes Senator Obama, death this nation has suffered there remains today, that’s right even today, no coherent plan for the Democratic Party to even begin to repair the damage.

    Oh yes, Madame Speaker Pelosi, first woman speaker of the house, had received a generous Federal grant from the DOD to repair lawns, fences and bushes damaged by Code Pink’s years long protests at her lavish San Francisco Mansion but for the residents of the Ninth Ward, Kansas City, much of Florida and even parts of Texas it’s been a pathetic failure on the part of Democrats to get even the usual amount of pork and earmarks for their pals, much less the citizenry prostrate, jobless, homeless from the Bush Disaster, Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid looks like an old lady some punks from Jay-Z’s posse mugged.

    Well! Now that blame for the disasters of the last eight years has been assigned to Bush We can get on with electing McCain and….

    Rebuilding America!

  2. I agree with you in every point. We should gave chance to another direction.

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