Welcome to A.Citizen’s New Home!

As small blog where, as far as I can tell, I am free to say what I want to say how I want to say it. Politics is a full-contact sport. People get hurt. Physically, financially, morally and their psyche’s take a beating upon occasion also. If you are of such a sensitive fame of mind that you’ve had problems with my content, syntax or scatology….

Leave now.

It’s only gonna get worse because we, real progressives from the progressive wing of the Democratic Party, are surrounded by enemies. McSame doin’ his little jig of smear…smear…smear…

And much, much worse the illegitimate ‘nominee’ of the ‘Democrat’ Party who has used every slimeball tactic known to politics and one he stole from the WingNuts, that would be the ‘believe’ schtick, to convince the American people that he already is President….their vote just a formality. Not only is this false, as the non-Kool-Aide guzzlers understand, but in fact Senator Barack Obama is not yet, and may never be the nominee. Yeah, shut UP with the calls for the tin-foil hats. You are only exposing you own abysmal ignorance, albeit encouraged and nourished by Barkey and his pet press mutts, about what’s actually happened and what can happen in the Democratic Nomination process. read on to see what I am talking about.

But before we can get to that I need to introduce a fellow blogger. A woman of far greater stature than I in the growing state of NoBamaLand a seething mass of outraged folks who’d the likes of ‘The Committee of Three’ would just as soon you never heard of. Heidi Li Feldman, Joint Degree in Law and Philosophy; Professor of Law,  A.B., Brown; J.D., Ph.D., University of Michigan and is that a mouthful or what. Not even ‘Barkey’  Obama can match that…not even close. Take the time to read this page. BRAG posts by me are not for the lazy; one page of type too much for ya head on back to the HDTV and suck down another Budweiser still a shitty beer but at least it ain’t American no more. I hope you do take the time to read the little bit about her, love that part about ‘bullshitting and the law…’ because this post is just about all her! I luv it! Here’s the lede para:

For the most part, I find Senator Obama boring. So usually in this space I do not write much about him directly. But today Senator Obama played a little trick that reminded of the person who I think of as his nearest political relative – Richard M. Nixon.

Whoa! Bitch must be crazy right? I mean come on….Nixon and ‘The One’. Clik on thru read the whole thing and admit it. She nail’s Obambi’s hide to the barn door where it’s stink drifts away as it dries in the sun.. Yep, go ahead and read it. Then tell me why she’s wrong in the comments. They work here at B.R.A.G. and the new, improved A.Citizen expects, even demands, that you respond if you have something to say.  As my sainted Daddy usta say, ‘Speak up son I cain’t hardly hear ya.’

Stay tuned there is an almost endless line of bloggers, the vast majority of ’em women, who will be appearing hear to let you know that they are done eating shit for:

‘The Precious’

‘The Boyz in the Blogz’

Howard Dean

Donna Brazile


And I’ll even kick the dead stinking corpse of PumpkinHaid a few times just for the hell of it.

Yep, as the Great Yogi once said: ‘It ain’t over ’til it’s Over’

And it ain’t over.


One Response to Welcome to A.Citizen’s New Home!

  1. Paul Allen says:

    I take Heidi Li Feldman’s course at Georgetown Law, she’s one of the worst professors I’ve ever had in any class at any school. At least half the class agrees with me, the woman is insane. She also has some sort of weird inferiority complex that makes her unbearable as a human being. Just throwing it out there before people get too caught up in her degrees.

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