I don’t now about you…But I am sick and tired of being lied to…

….being treated as if I was some fool who’s opinion is of no import whatsoever. But whose money is good. Yeah…

How about you are you tired of the lies and  the b.s. and the corruption? In the words of  James Carville, ‘Had enough yet?’

I think you probably are. Many whom I have talked to have expressed these exact sentiments, and worse, about their
Democratic reps and the ‘Do-Nothings’ of the ‘Democrat’ Party. Oh! Did you think I was talking about Republicans?

Well, no…

After all the Dems have had a majority in both houses of Congress since 2006. Sure! You remember the worst liar, the most pathetic excuse for a human being, the woman who could if she so wished have stopped the occupation of Iraq in it’s tracks.

But who didn’t.

Remember her stream of lies about, ‘…..making the Bush administration accountable…’? Not to mention, and I’m  not, the ‘…Impeachment is off the table…’ cave in.  No, just evaluate Madame Speaker’s’ promises about what she would do against what she has done. Just looking at that against the background of the situation the nation finds itself in and I am prepared to assert that not only is the vile, heartless Pelosi the First Woman Speaker she may very well be the Worst Speaker we’ve ever elected.. That’s big job but Miss Nancy has been up to it sez I.

But for every action there is and equal and opposite reaction, physics yes but consider that everything is subject to the laws of that discipline, and we’ve got that reaction now.

Cindy Sheehan has qualified for the ballot. You’ve got a hardworking woman whom you know will not sell you out if elected and who is just the antidote our sick political culture needs. I intend to do whatever I can to help her send the vile Pelosi packing.

I’ll be keeping you posted on the Sheehan campaign’s progress and passing on every call for action from them. She is what progressives should be supporting a candidate who wants to shine the clear disinfecting light of progressive values into the fetid darkness our government currently works in.

This just in:

Cindy Sheehan Is On The Ballot!! Now Let’s Go For The General
Election Gold

Today we got confirmation that Cindy Sheehan has QUALIFIED for the
ballot as an independent candidate to challenge Nancy Pelosi for the
seat from the 8th Congressional district of CA. This required the
verification of the signatures of more than 10,000 of her
constituents, only the 6th time in history this has ever been
accomplished in the state of CA.

And it could not have been done without the heroic support of people,
not just in that one district, but from all over the country who
recognize that a successful challenge to Pelosi will do more to
compel real policy change than almost anything else we can do.
Pelosi, who has turned a deaf ear to the entire American people on
ending the war funding, impeachment and everything else, MUST be
defeated to start to finally hold the White House, and the rest of
Congress, accountable.

This is now a very winnable race, but only if we rally behind Cindy
Sheehan, who had the courage to call the recent non-impeachment
hearing the toothless sham that it was, and was thrown out of that
hearing for saying so. Let’s make her a member of Congress so they
can never throw her out again. Please make a donation now to help
Cindy Sheehan win the big one.

Cindy Sheehan Donations: http://www.usalone.com/donations_cindy.php

The faster we can give Cindy Sheehan a big head of steam, the faster
we can get the attention of each and every other member of Congress
who thinks they can just coast through their next election without
actually standing up for us. Let them know that there is a Cindy
Sheehan waiting in the wings in their district to take them down too
next time unless they do their job now.

The simple, cold fact is that unless and until Congress sees a
downside to their despicable cowardice there will be NO policy
change. We’ll repeat that. No policy change whatsoever. Their whole
self-justification is they point to the elections they are winning.
Unless and until we defeat one of their own, one of the biggest of
them all, we can send emails and make phone calls until we’re blue in
the face, and they will must keep lying to us and stalling. Yeah,
sure they’re just about to impeach. Sure.

Now some people (defeatists) will say, “Oh, you’ll never defeat the
Speaker of the House”. Well guess what, until we do they will never
take the voice of the people seriously. We HAVE to win. And we have
to do everything we could have done to make that a reality. So we are
calling on all of our participants to throw everything they have
behind candidates who will fight for the issues, the real issues.

And there is no better investment in time, energy or money we can
make now than to give Cindy Sheehan the biggest platform possible to
advocate for us.

Paid for by Cindy Sheehan for Congress

Please take action NOW, so we can win all victories that are supposed
to be ours, and forward this alert as widely as possible.

If you aren’t prepared to help this woman hold Congress accountable then take you do-nothing ass over to OpenLeft, FDL or dKos and play with the children.


2 Responses to I don’t now about you…But I am sick and tired of being lied to…

  1. A.Citizen says:

    First question out of my mouth when I see any of our so called ‘progressive’ pals is gonna be,

    ‘Did you contribute to Cindy’s campaign?’

    Thursday, April 21, 2011
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