Lunatics? Aslum? Or Fascistii in Action.

Here’s the lede:

The Obama campaign staff learned its lesson early in this contest – don’t let those Hillary supporters get loose and start a ruckus. And WHATEVER you do, don’t let them get their hands on a kazoo.’

A superficial read of this puts it in the ha..ha…hah category of Convention news. I have a different take. Wherever I go in the ‘sphere where the Obots have not taken over, which includes every Web 1.0 site except MyDD where Jerome rules with and iron hand and does not allow the fascist Obots to take over, we see story after story of the Obama campaign’s efforts to disenfranchise voters, depress turnout and vilify opponents. He’s running a classic Rovian campaign against Hillary and having success since for some reason The Hill has stopped fighting. Perhaps she’s giving him the rope-a-dope but right now Obama is frantic. His campaign is doing one stupid thing after another. Cages for protestors…..yeah, right. The latest is calling out McSame ’cause A. He’s rich and B. He owns too many houses. Yep.

Nobody every beat a Republican ’cause the ReThug was rich. Most voters are so brain-washed they don’t even give that argument a listen. After all any American can be rich.

And I guess Barry is so delusional that he’s convinced himself that the Rezco thing is all gone and forgotten. Why else would he want to get into a debate with McSame about their respective housing. I can hear McSame now, ‘My opponent wants to make a big deal about how many houses I own. I wonder does he want to talk about the corrupt deal he struck with Tony Rezko to buy his home. I paid for my houses solely out of my pocket. Can the good Senator say the same?’

How’s that shoe leather taste Barry?


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