Wow! It’s been a while since I did this….

I wonder…can I still do it. Many have said that I am divisive, harsh and overly judgmental. But hey! Nobody is perfect least of all as it now appear obvious to even folks like Kid Oakland, malcontent, ‘BoneHead’ Bowers, Jeralyn and that fat guy who thinks he is Josh Marshall that slick talkin’ Barry and his dead white dude pals in the ‘Democrat’ Party are headed for a big bring down. Such a bummer dudes. Convention who hah still bouncin’ but McSame and Miss Piggy, as the ‘Boyz in the Blogz’ are attempting to name Governor Palin are out front by 10 points in a recent Gallup, winger’s I know I know, tracking poll.

10 points.

And that’s before folks find out about the entire story behind the ‘Bridge to NoWhere!’

I’ve said at least a hundred times but it still doesn’t sink in. Kid, Kos, Josh and you too Chris. Obamba is a perfectly lousy campaigner. If you are gonna try an pillory someone for something she didn’t even vote on you’d best be able to remember how YOU voted fool….

Barry the Clueless. How’s it feelin’ Howard, Donna, Miss Nancy. That’s your ‘boy’ out there and whoeeeeeee! Doan he look good.


Imagine this guy trying to run the country in the face of McConnel & Co. with HoJo stabbin’ him in the back every week jes for fun. While Miss Nancy and SellOut Reid are hangin’ on the telephone to George for further orders.

I’d be laughin’ if I wasn’t so sick to my gut over what the punk asses and morans of Web 1.0 have done to real progressive’s chanced to change things for the better in the near term.

In the long run folks like Heidi Li and riverdaughter and Angelachel, lotta ladies in that group, give promise that Web 2.0 won’t be knot of toads like we’ve got now. Squatting on their sites and proclaiming themselves all-knowing and all-seeing. Banning all and sundry who disagree with the LW, that’s Lefty Wisdom, never realizing that in the ‘sphere you cannot shut anyone up. They just move down the URL and let you have it when you ain’t lookin’.

As always anyone disagrees with me show up in the comments and have at it.

Be warned, I’m in no good mood and apt to play rough.


Progressives Fight Back!

They do not pick corporatist scum for their Veep.


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