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This blog is for those who want to take action against the corrupt fascists who seek to destroy our nation’s soul. Be they Republicans, the party of corruption, treason and death, or their enablers in the ‘Democrat’ Party we come together here to fight them. We come here to:

‘Drive them into the sea!’

Join us.

Well, the above was written prior to the 2006 mid-term elections. We are a little less in the rant mode now. Just a little. Check out this post: What is progressive? for a perspective on what we are working on now.

Whoops! The ‘Democrat’ Party is falling down on the job again! See Don’t look now Madame Speaker, Senator Reid…A word if you please?

If you have started following the upcoming elections, and if not why not, then check out the list of candidates we support and make a contribution here.

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