A New Day?

November 5, 2008

Or just more bullshit?

We’re gonna find out. Hope you enjoy the ride.

Robert Oak, an online friend of mine, has a post up….

October 31, 2008

‘Politics is distasteful…..’

Check it out. It might change your view of a few things….

Anothere take on ‘Outsourcing’…heh…

October 30, 2008

Yep, I was on the phone to India while getting ‘support’ for my installation of MS Small Business 2007 and you will never, never, believe how I finally got it ‘installed’.

Don’t forget to vote and don’t forget to stay tuned afterwards to track what is being done…

In your name.

The translation of this song, interestingly it’s about separation, is here.


October 3, 2008

…that’s what the big dukeout between ‘Bankruptcy Bill’ Biden and ‘I can see Russia’ Palin. The both lied their well tailored asses off. Neither addressed and issues in anything even close to a substantive way.

I do give Palin the ‘win’ as she made Joe look like what he is. Past it and bored.

Will be watching the polls this week. Obama seems to be pulling ahead but…..

It ain’t over yet.

And no I have no confidence that Obamba will be bringing the troops home from Iraq anytime soon.

That ain’t gonna happen.

Unity 08!

August 26, 2008

From my ‘progressive’ acquaintances, can’t call ’em friends anymore friends hang with ya even if they think you are wrong., on facebook I read and hear about how fabulous the Dem Convention in Colorado is going. I understand the weather is great and that Michelle Obama gave a good speech. Swell.

Here’s a slightly different look:

‘Get over it loser!’ Is a phrase Clinton supporters are apt to hear in the streets….

I’ve gotta tell ya folks, that is not how you build bridges, win over Hillary’s supporters and re-unite a party.  But that’s the kind of thing Hillary’s folks are hearing from BHO’s crowd in Denver this week, and the only way that’s going to stop is if The Chosen One takes the lead and tells them to knock it off’.

Check out the rest. Me? I’ll have a lot more to say later. I’m busy with computer construction and marketing. One thing I will be talking a lot about, as I find it interesting, is the tremendous similarity between how Obamacans, some Hillaristas and yer median RedStater act and think. One thing that Obama’s candidacy has made crystal clear for those with eyes to see is that politics can be a great leveler. The real question is….

Why the level is so low.

Do You Ever Wonder Why the Roads in Your Town are Turning into Gravel?

August 17, 2008

Wonder no more. It’s because ‘some people’ are not paying their fair share of the cost of government. Otherwise known as taxes. I know this story has been in the corporatist press but I thought this post:

Based on IRS records, a recent GAO report indicates that many corporations claimed to owe $0 in U.S. taxes from 1998 – 2005: roughly 28%-53% of large foreign-controlled and 23%-38% of large U.S.-controlled corporations. [The GAO considers a "large" corporation one with at least $250 million in assets or $50 million in gross receipts.

From NoQuarter had a lot more detail and so link to it.

There is a growing opportunity for those of us who are economically literate, a tiny minority, to take back the high ground in the never ending debate about taxes, government and what should be done by same. The ‘conservative’ shills who’ve been preaching the Friedman Lunacy for decades are gob-smacked that the ‘trickle down’ theory has at last been proved to be the utter bullshit that it is. There is a desperate air of ‘now what do we do…’  as the third artificial bubble of ‘asset building’, housing, pops following  the dot.com bubble and ‘financialization’ coming from the morons such as Greenspan who’ve been ‘supervising ‘ our economy. As Ol’ Shakespeare opined, ‘The truth will out…’ and now folks are waking up to the realization that while their real income has declined every year since Nixon under the Republican fantasy machine corporations and very wealthy individuals merely extract whatever amounts of cash they need from the U.S. Treasury, that’s us Homer, in the form of  taxes not paid.

This report points a finger at why you, yeah you Homer, ‘can’t’ have healthcare, good schools, well-maintained roads, safe food and on and on…. The next time some low-info fool tells you, ‘Oh, we can’t afford that…’ about some needed social program tell them the following:

‘Of course we can afford that. If corporations and the uber-rich would pay their fair share of taxes instead of bribing Congress to give them a free pass we’d’ have plenty of money to take care of the real, immediate needs of our society.’

And if they start bloviating tell them this:

‘Surely you are not advocating that some, particularly those best able to pay, should be excused from their social obligation to pay their fair share of the costs they helped create are you?’

More on how your are being screwed solely because you are NOT rich in future posts.

Another One Under the Bus!

August 16, 2008

Under the bus they go,
Their transgression they may not know!
It’s under the bus they go.

The wheels go round an round,
His hectoring voice never ceases to pound!
Fail him and you know…
It’s under the bus you’ll go!

Worst of all is to be one who really can do,
To Barry that’s an insult, an insult to be too blue!
It’s under the bus you will go.

Red is the color he likes the best!
Pay attention to his behest….
Never show what you know,
Or, it’s under the bus you will Go!

I could go on like this all night. Barry is such rich mine of material for satire it’s just ridiculous. But….

You guessed it.

Not as ridiculous as this.

Still think Barkey is a Democrat?

It’s be like a miracle or something……

August 15, 2008

Fat little kid at the end a future leader, eh? Got his rhetorical meme down already.

Bush orders National Guard to Georgia…..

August 13, 2008

Yep, WW III coming right up folks. Seems Ol” Pooti-Poot, you remember Premier Putin the guy who’s eyes ‘Dumbya’ looked into and like dug him the max dude, is blowin the BeJesus out of Russia’s upstart pull away state Georgia where they have them some oil, not peaches.

I know a lot folks  are quite rightly concerned about Cowboy ‘Yee-Hawr’ and his pal The Vile Cheney but they are I believe worried about the wrong people. And before you start I’ve been ‘warning’ folks since 2000 and before. Hang with me while we trek to the sharp end of my argument. There will always be vile twisted creatures such as Bush and Cheney infesting our society and even, at times, rising  to positions of power where the damage they do is magnified until the troup pulls them down and renders ’em harmless. This post is about someone else however. A person who failed her oath of office and in the doing of that has allowed Bush to remain in power to take his most recent shot at Armageddon. To me this person is to be condemned even more harshly than Bush. He’s sick in the head.

What’s you excuse Madame Speaker Pelosi?

You took Impeachment ‘Off the Table…’ and George just went nuts. The list of insane, stupid, dangerous things he’s engineered ever since you, illegally I might add Madame, gave him a free pass. Far, far, far worse than that you have through the use of cash and the intimidation that goes with it gone a fair way to destroying the Democratic Party. Let’s take a look at how Madame Speaker has spun her web of influence.

The lede:

‘As Americans sat glued to their television sets watching the most hotly contested presidential primary in American history, pundits counted pledged delegates won in caucuses and primaries and discussed the highly prized superdelegates’ endorsements. Eventually it would be these superdelegates, Democratic officials, governors, and members of congress, who would determine the nominee, since neither contestant won enough pledged delegates in the 52 primary contests.’

Notice that ‘Americans sat glued…’ paying attention to that which would play little or no role in the determination of who would represent the Democratic Party this Fall. What was on TV has nothing to do with it. It’s all about what goes on every day in the ‘Democrat’ Party the ‘business as usual that the corporatist press never bothers to tell you about. The sort of information that goes a long way towards explaining why nothing has changed since the Dems got a majority in both houses of Congress in 2006 and why nothing will change in the Year of Barky 2008, if he can get by Sister Beelzebub at Denver. To put it as simply as possible the rot in Congress is far deeper than most progressives believed and any of the rest of the citizenry are ready to believe.

Must be hard to work with the waves of stink billowing out of Madame Speaker’s office. Now go ahead and tell me it’s just the way things are….how it is….cain’t do notin’ about it. Well, it’s true that tales of corruption and even the ‘they all do it…’ come down to us from the Roman Senate, and before. Socrates is a real good example. And it’s true corruption will always be with us. But the countervailing fact is that we must always be fighting it and trying  to stamp it out. Why? Because corrupt folks are generally pretty bad people to have governing you. And I mean bad as in evil deserving of the guillotine  no messin’. Because you see corrupt rulers have lost all feeling for those they govern. Madame Speaker is a classic case and I would persuade you that she is a greater danger to the health of our nation than Bush.

The reason is simple. Madame Speaker is still there. In the House. Her corrupt anti-democratic machine in place. Do you remember when Madame Speaker first uttered those immortal words? The words that will define her entire political career?

November 8th, 2006

648 days ago folks. I was going to make  a list of all the illegal, stupid, and immoral things President Bush has done since that day. But even the illegal acts he’s commited, the one’s that we know of, would run to dozens of pages. You can go ahead and list your favorite most infamous ones in the comments .We get enough and I’ll cook up a poll and we’ll pick the most heinous three. The point is that by abdicating her responsibility as Speaker of the House, by shirking her oath of office, she has made herself and her party as guilty of the crimes of the Bush cabal.

She needs to go.

And now.

As you may or may not realize Cindy Sheehan is running to put Pelosi on the street where she belongs. Check the upper sidebar for a button that will take you to her site. I urge you to give so that the process of reformatioon can begin sooner rather than later.

Every day people are dying because Nancy Pelosi is a  corrupt politician who has sold  out her constituents, us, for the Benjamins. Heinous doesn’t do it justice.

Flash Update: Well Boosh did order the Guard to Georgia for ‘humanitarian aid’ but..well…he forgot to tell the Navy or the Russians so we just need to forget about that. Okay? Just another day on the job for Nancy’s lil’ boy.


August 11, 2008









take over…


Hmmmm…. I don’t see fair, just, proper…. Above all, the one word I don’t see because what was done, in secret, is not…is not unless you are in the grip of a dangerous delusion….


….no matter what Howie or Donna or Kos or Bowers or Kid Oakland or anybody else says or does what was done in that meeting was as un-American as antithetical to my value system, to the values this nation was built on as anything the Communists, the Nazis or any of the other heinous scum we had smash to survive ever asserted.

600,000 voters not just disenfranchised!

Fuck no, their votes, votes they cast for Clinton, were stolen.

As I’ve said many a time Sinclair Lewis made no assertion about which side that figure, ‘….wrapped in a flag and carrying a cross…’ was coming from. At this moment  it would be hard to argue that it’s coming from anywhere but the left.

Fortunately, no matter what Obama, Howie, Miss Nancy, Donna and the rest of the corrupt knot of toads which squats in our Party can treat the GE like they have the primary. Such utter contempt would not go down with the ‘bitter, clinging masses…’

Frankly, I’ve never been so ashamed of my fellow citizens in my life. Not even during the Vietnam occupation did I feel like this. One million Iraqi dead….

And Democrats cannot find a better candidate than ‘The One’ Miss Nancy and the Knot of Toads on the Hill have in ‘selecting not electing’ Senator Obama, who, to remark on just one of the truly stupid things he’s done lately, feels it more important to play golf than address the nation about Russia’s rending of Georgia.

A faithful ally being dismembered and the man has to make his tee time.


And to anyone I’ve called out by name here or who disagrees with my assertion here I’ve only got one question for ya?

Just one….

What if that was your vote Howie and Donna stole?

What then fellow ‘progressives’?

What then?