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October 27, 2008

An Abdication in Detroit

Carl Pope, Huffington Post, July 6, 2006

San Francisco — Last week, the Ford Motor Company joined the parade of stunningly hypocritical auto manufacturers by announcing that it was abandoning its goal of selling 250,000 hybrid vehicles per year by the end of the decade. Instead, Ford joined other automakers in promising to make 2 million flexible fuel vehicles. “In a joint letter sent Wednesday to members of Congress, General Motors, Ford and DaimlerChrysler AG announced a new promise to double annual production of vehicles that run on alternative fuels, to 2 million per year.” Congress promptly responded to the announcement by refusing, once again, to increase fuel economy standards.

But the auto industry knows that making two million “flexible-fuelled vehicles” won’t dent our dependence on oil. First, the “alternative fuel” they are touting is a mix of gasoline and ethanol called E85, because it is 85 percent ethanol and 15 percent gasoline. Regular cars can, and often do, burn ethanol-gasoline mixes that are up to 10 percent ethanol already — so the real difference with E85 sounds like it might be an impressive 75 percent.

But the reality is far different. First, it takes a fair amount of fossil fuels to make ethanol — diesel fuel for tractors to grow the corn and transport it, natural gas to make fertilizer for it, and gas or (worse) coal to distill it. But this doesn’t matter so much, because 99 percent of these flexible fuel vehicles never see a drop of E85 but run on gas instead. That’s according to a March 2002 study by the Bush Administration.

Since there are fewer than 700 gas stations selling E85, out of 176,000 stations in the U.S., these flexible fuel vehicles will mainly burn the same gasoline that the rest of the fleet does. For example, within 25 miles of my home there are NO gas stations selling E85 to the public! So, the actual savings from this big new auto industry commitment will certainly be trivial at best. Unfortunately, it gets worse.

The auto industry gets bogus fuel economy “credits” for selling flexible fuel vehicles, as if these vehicles were actually all burning ethanol-based fuel. As a result, U.S. gas consumption is actually going to go UP as a result of the auto industry’s latest maneuver. The Bush Administration’s study estimated that the combination of the fuel economy loophole and failure of 99 percent of the flexible fuel vehicles to use E85 would result in an increase in U.S. oil dependence of 17 billion gallons by 2008. On the other hand, we could easily reduce consumption by 50 percent by using more-efficient vehicle technology, the solution that Congress — and the auto industry — just rejected. ed. note: Did you notice the recent spike in food prices? These are connected folks.

Again, William Clay Ford and the rest of the auto know these numbers. This is not something someone just dug out. They don’t care.

If we really want to kick our oil addiction, we’re going to have to do it from the grass-roots up. That’s why the Sierra Club has just launched “Smart Energy Summer” — a campaign to connect Americans with the real solutions to our energy and global warming problems — ones that our leaders know about, but just won’t embrace.

A Brief Word…..

August 10, 2008

…..yeah, the revolution will not be televised. Indeed, there looks to be no revolution. With Barky calling for a non-vote Democratic Convention, he won’t get that predicts I, and McSame being…well, more of the same I suppose you could vote for Nader or Barr but neither are viable let’s face it. Sister Beezlebub still has a shot moreso every time Barky sticks his foot in his mouth and hops around going Uh…Uh…Muh! Currently the Bark-O-Meter has him at 1.5 hops per week. But enough of the cheap shots.

The real problem sits on ‘The HIll’ like a horrific knot of toads in human form. 535 elected representatives of the people.

Or not.

Yep, in situation, after issue, compounded by crisis we see that the legislative branch of our government is stuffed to the gills with folks who are one of three things:

Corrupt…the biggest faction. Politicians are trained early that it’s all about the Benjamins as our ‘system’ rewards those who get elected and under the current system you need lots of B’s to get elected…

Stupid…plenty of those after all if you’re buying a Congressperson you don’t need one that’s smart. Just one that loves to follow orders.

Nuts….Yeah, barking mad. These are the ones found in a hotel room with hookers and coke or an underage boy. Significant fraction….

So what to do. First up is very simple.

Get real.

Understand that the level of corruption is now at unprecedented levels. Levels no mere change in ‘party’ will fix. The job is a wholescale clean up similar to Hercules and the Augean Stables. Ever read that one? You should it’s not really about what it seems. Yeah, get real. No one candidate is going to ‘save’ us folks. Most adults realize reality don’t work that way but….

People want to believe.


Believe this.

If you and I don’t get off our asses and take back our government the future will be very bleak. The tipping point on many problems affecting our very survival as a society is near. I assert that the tools to fix those problems which threaten us most are also hand. Requiring only affordable amounts of money and some intelligent leadership. But with a government composed of the corrupt, the stupid and the barking mad we are not going to be able to use those tools.

What to do?

Look around join up with like minded folks. Stop talking and start doing. You will be noticing some changes around here as I ‘renovate’ my new primary residence. And no I don’t care what the Congressional mortgage lending ‘bail out’ bill says, it’s amazingly stupid go look it up, about how to treat ‘primary’ vs. ‘secondary’ residences.

One signpost to a new way is the widget in the upper right sidebar called: ‘Accountability Money Bomb’.

This takes you to a spot where you can contribute to a fascinating group headed by Jane Hamscher and a bunch of right wing folks. Yep, wingers and progressives…together. Seems there is common cause to be made by all Americans in the face of the Congress’s gutting the 4th Amendment. Here is the link to the statement of purpose from StrangeBedFellows the ad hoc group just beginning to get some traction. I will be blogging about this more as the idea of ‘Accountability for the Asylum (Congress)’ resonates with me.

Hope you will hang around as I am planning some extensive remodeling here and I hope you will find it interesting.

‘Rope the Sun’

June 28, 2008

Yep, while Senator Obama as lining up like a good lil’ trooper to sign off on Cheney’s Energy Bill….

‘Cheney’s Energy Bill….’

Man that just sounds wrong does it not? ‘Cheney ‘s’ ‘Energy’ ‘Bill’. Huh….Yeah, according to the Big Men of the ‘Sphere Kos, Marshall and Bowers if’n Barry does it or is for in, for no matter how short a time, why then it must be ‘progressive’. Have I got that right ‘BoneHead’ Bowers?


Where was I? Oh, yeah a sustainable society, something we don’t have. Something nobody really gives a f$%k about even though they’re always talking about it. Someone better get serious soon. The Japanese are dead serious about it. See, they don’t have a lot of desert which is a central resource America is ‘rich’ in and which Scientific American’s The Grand Solar Plan takes advantage of to produce all of our electricity needs, including converting every car to plug in, by 2050. Cost, $420 Billion. Sound outrageous? Read the article at the end below.

Nope, no desert but plenty of Sci-Fi and lots of Outer Space. The Japanese take advantage of both in:

‘Rope the Sun, Suzuki-san!’

Kakuda, Japan—In a recent spin-off of the classic Japanese animated series Mobile Suit Gundam, the depletion of fossil fuels has forced humanity to turn to space-based solar power generation as
global conflicts rage over energy shortages. The sci-fi saga is set in the year 2307, but even now real Japanese scientists are working on the hardware needed to realize orbital generators as a form of clean,
renewable energy, with plans to complete a prototype in about 20 years.The concept of solar panels beaming down energy from space has long been pondered—and long been dismissed as too costly and impractical. But in
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48.7 to 35.7…..and beyond $4.00/gallon gasoline……

June 3, 2008

No issue I’ve discussed lately with my associates who do not follow politics much and to whom the vicious race between Obama and Clinton is just sort of a background murmur. Nothin’ to get excited about that’s for sure since, ‘All politicians are crooks and liars and such. But bring up the fact that….

…gas is over $4.00/gal and folks start talkin’ like they are ready for ‘The Revolution’.

Well…it’s great for me because I can then get these folk’s minds ticking over a little. The actual price of gas is a somewhat complicated issue to understand. Those two numbers in the title of this post? They have something to do with it fer sure…

To learn why they are important and a lot of other incredible stuff about the how oil is priced read:

You better get used to $4 gas

With the knowledge you get from this article you should be able to estimate how much gas should be if you know the price of a barrle of oil.

Economics can be fun!

Well, sorta….

Say! This looks a little strange….

March 24, 2008

I’m confused, the world sends $billions in carbon tax to the China government that adds more U.S. coal carbon to the air, …what? Is “climate change” about “fed reserve” transfer to China & our business “partners”? Slick business!



“While there are some substantial differences between estimates from the set of models that appear to have the best forecasting ability,they agree that the magnitude of the increase is quite large relative to existing forecasts of Chinese CO2 emissions. To put the size of the increase in emissions in sharp perspective, it is several times larger than the decrease in emissions that is embodied in the Kyoto protocol.”


China becoming gold medalist in CO2 emissions


by Harry Fuller, CNETNetworks, March 22nd, 2008



If you believe global warming’s a crock, this blog’s worth another good belly laugh. If you suspect that CO2 and other greenhouse gases could be altering the climate, then this there’s more evidence that the U.S. and China are plunging us into a climatic sauna.


A study published in “Ecological Economics” journal says that previous estimates of China’s CO2 output have been too low. “While there are some substantial differences between estimates from the set of models that appear to have the best forecasting ability,they agree that the magnitude of the increase is quite large relative to existing forecasts of Chinese CO2 emissions. To put the size of the increase in emissions in sharp perspective, it is several times larger than the decrease in emissions that is embodied in the Kyoto protocol. That is, the disagreement between the models is over how many times larger the increase is likely to be.”


The authors of the study did simply accept grand estimates from the Chinese government or monitoring agencies but used estimates of energy use and emissions output at the provincial level. And those numbers add up to a lot more than anybody has been admitting. Of course, a major source of China’s CO2 is burning coal for electricity. China is also in the midst of an on-going construction boom. In the U.S. constructionand building operations account for over half the energy used. Right now that figure could be even higher in China where the number of vehicles is still relatively small and very few homes have air conditioners.


* Clean Air Performance Professionals (CAPP) supports a Smog Check inspection & repair audit, gasoline ethanol fuel cap and elimination of dual fuel CAFÉ credit to cut car impact over 50% in 1 year.


* Some folks believe ethanol in gasoline increases oil use and oil profit


* Ethanol uses lots of water


* A Smog Check audit would cut toxic car impact in ½ in 1 year. Chief Sherry Mehl, DCA/BAR, has never found out if what is broken on a Smog Check failed car gets fixed, never


* An ethanol waiver would stop a $1 billion Californiaoil refinery welfare program coming from the federal government @ $0.51 per gallon of ethanol used


* About 60,000 barrels per day of the oil used by cars is allowed by the “renewable fuel” CAFEcredit



CAPP contact: Charlie Peters (510) 537-1796

Thanks for this Charlie!



Open Letter to Rep. Jerry McNerney…..

February 26, 2008

The Honorable Jerry McNerney,

I’ve looked at the ‘energy’ section of your ‘Issues’ division on this website.

Frankly it strikes me as pretty ‘conservative’ and antiquated from a guy who made his bones on windpower.

Check out the following and give me a response to this question:

‘When is the government going to take our proven technology and the best of the many, many plans out there to reduce our dependency on foreign oil to Zero?’

For those who don’t know this is entirely possible as the following links show:

The Solar Grand Plan:

That’s already under construction by the way:

Power islands:

And Jerry the Texans are now whippin’ our ass.

What’s up with this?

In short you don’t seem to be advocating for real transformative technologies which ALREADY EXIST.

Just going along with the program ain’t gonna cut it no more Jerry.

Please respond in detail. Perhaps if we in the netroots who helped you beat the excreable Pombo can help you with this.

Thanks for your time and attention.

Flash Update: Here’s where you can find how your representative or Senator voted on sustainable energy in 2007; 2008 has no qualifying votes yet.

Why Obama matters…..

February 23, 2008

Like him or not if he becomes President he’s gonna be important. Very important, this sound obvious to you does it? Well Sara Robinson of Orcinus has been on a sabbatical from there to produce a post I believe everyone needs to read.

Here’s the teaser quote:

There’s one thing for sure: 2008 isn’t anything like politics as usual.

The corporate media (with their unerring eye for the obvious point) is fixated on the narrative that, for the first time ever, Americans will likely end this year with either a woman or a black man headed for the White House. Bloggers are telling stories from the front lines of primaries and caucuses that look like something from the early 60s — people lining up before dawn to vote in Manoa, Hawaii yesterday; a thousand black college students in Prairie View, Texas marching 10 miles to cast their early votes in the face of a county that tried to disenfranchise them. In recent months, we’ve also been gobstopped by the sheer passion of the insurgent campaigns of both Barack Obama and Ron Paul, both of whom brought millions of new voters into the conversation — and with them, a sharp critique of the status quo and a new energy that’s agitating toward deep structural change.

Sounds like a fairly typical post about Senator ‘Change’ and his effect, so far, on the political process this Presidential election year. Well, when you read the title of this piece, please clik on same and read the whole thing, which is:

When Change Is Not Enough: The Seven Steps To Revolution

You will quickly see that it is anything but that. As Bush has cheerfully assured his followers ‘Politics has consequences…’ and Obama repeatedly asserts, ‘I am about change….’ politics now becomes perhaps the most important thing in every citizen’s life. We no longer have the luxury of ignoring politics and by extension what our government, yes it’s still ours if we can muster the spine to assert our ownership, does to protect and foster our success as a society. The good times are over homer and they will remain unreachable until you and I climb up and demand our government, that is the people in it, start doing what is required to rebuild what the raving lunatics of the ‘conservative’ ReichWing have destroyed.