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December 21, 2007

From all over the Intenets:

‘Has Romney defined marriage as a bond between one man and ten women yet? from HuffPo

‘You can’t polish a turd’

                                     repy: ‘Cheney’s pate is shiny!’                                          also HuffPo

‘the “right” direction is left.’                                                                                  from FDL

man i say the F word a lot. i actually just got fired from my job fror saying the f word. like ten times. to a customer. i’m a bad big mouth employee’ from C&L’

But, I’m only rec’in’ your diary ‘cuz it doesn’t have the words "Edwards" or "Obama" in the title. lol from dKos

Don’t ferget it’s Zappadan!

Do You Want Your Habeus Corpus Back? Or….

September 17, 2007

…are ya too busy watchin’ the NFL on yer wide-screen TV? If ya do want it back Senators Leahy and Dodd would like your help.

Clik on this picture of the Magna Carta being signed in 1215 and you’ll go whizzing thru the InnerTubes to the petition you can sign urging the ‘Gutless Reid’ and the rest of the weaklings in Congress to stick it to Mr. Decider and his Fascist Cadre.

In case you were wondering Senator Biden This is How you Stop the War….

September 17, 2007

Biden and others of the MI Complex Caucus in the Senate have been on every press the meat Sunday show for weeks whining about
how, ‘Our hands are tied…There’s nothing we can do….yadda and yadda…’ paraphrased bloviation, but they know better than that. The
Klieman strategy is all over the Internet. Check this out:

‘There’s been lots of hand-wringing about what Senate Democrats should do about Iraq, all of it premised on the idea that they need either a filibuster-proof (60-vote) majority or a veto-proof (67-vote) majority. To which I can only say, “Huh? Howzzat again?”

Anything that can be ridden on the Defense Appropriations bill (or on a continuing resolution) doesn’t need 60 votes in the Senate. It needs 51 votes in the Senate, or 218 in the House, that will stand firm.

Take, for example, the Webb Amendment, forbidding troops from being required to serve tours in Iraq longer than the spells between tours. If passed, it would force a troop drawdown by spring.

The Democrats should offer the Webb Amendment when the Defense Appropriation comes up. If the Republicans want to filibuster, fine. Don’t pull the amendment. Just let them keep filibustering. As long as the amendment is on the floor, there can be no vote on the bill itself. Keep calling cloture votes, one per day. After a few days, start asking how long the Republicans intend to withhold money to fund troops in the field in order to pursue their petty partisan agenda.

If the Republicans in the Senate hold firm, it’s their stubbornness that’s holding up the bill. If they fold, and the bill gets to the President’s desk and he vetoes it, then pass the same damned bill again. And start asking how long the President intends to block funding for troops in the field in order to pursue his petty partisan agenda.

As of October 1, there’s no money to fund the war. So the usual move is to pass a continuing resolution, which keeps the money flowing until the appropriation passes. Fine. Pass a continuing resolution with the Webb Amendment attached. If the CR runs into a filibuster or a veto, ask how long …

Really, this isn’t very hard. With the voters overwhelmingly interested in getting us the hell out of Iraq, the Democrats can make full use of the power of the purse without worrying about a backlash, especially with Webb as the public face of the campaign.

Footnote Plan B is to pass the amendment in the House and let the Senate conferees accept the House version. Then it goes back to the Senate for a straight up-or-down vote, with the Republican dead-enders in the position of directly voting against money to fund the troops in the field. Not a vote I’d care to defend, especially if I were up for re-election next year.’

So Senators of the Capitulation Caucus, as it is called over at OrangeLand, can you fools count, something besides the money the MI Complex is shoving in your pockets that is.

We out here if Free Left Blogistan can.

Keepin’ It Gangsta for ya Dick!

September 16, 2007

Condi raps it down for ya homies!

One nasty gangsta this girl be.

My Letter to Wes Clark…

September 15, 2007

Dear General Clark:

It’s hard to frame in words my deep disappointment in your endorsement of Senator Clinton.

Having met you at YearlyKos 2006 I had felt that you were amazingly enough a progressive despite your years in the military. Sadly, that is clearly not the case.

I close with two questions for you General Clark:

‘How long will we continue to let the MI complex dictate our very society’s shape and spirit?’ Are the answers to all our problems simply a bigger military hammer as the Senator advocates?

General the nation is crying out for a change in direction. Not more of the same so the war profiteers can continue to loot the U.S. Treasury with your and the Senator’s permission.

The Republican meme of a ‘strong military’ is wearing too thin to carry Senator Clinton to victory.

Or at least so I hope.

I’m un-subscribing from your email list as I truly doubt you will be part of the solutions to our nation’s problems.


John Edwards responds to ‘The Decider’ and his call for Endless War.

September 13, 2007

John Edwards on Bush and his endless war. Are you listening Miss Nancy and Gutless Harry?

The Great 9/11 Contradiction

September 12, 2007

There have been hundreds of blog entries on the 6th anniversary of 9/11. This is part of what I find is a great contradiction. While our “leaders” use the events of 9/11/2001 to justify their often criminal actions, these same people expect us to simply accept their explanations of what happened that day: “stop asking questions you conspiracy nuts”. So they want to keep using 9/11 at the same time they are wishing it would go away.

Well, it’s not going away. Sifting thru dozens of 9/11 posts leads me and many others to conclude that “the truth will out”. Many people that have accepted the “official conspiracy theory” for years are starting to discover the truth. From various polls it appears that over 50% of the people in the US have serious questions about the “official story”. These people are unified in recognizing the need for a new 9/11 investigation.

Unfortunately, this is another case of the people being way ahead of most of our “representatives” in congress. There are a few exceptions like Dennis Kucinich and Ron Paul (see the link below). We are going to have to work hard to get a new investigation, but it is essential to the future of our country and the world that this crime be exposed.

Please check these links for more information on this movement:

Sibel Edmonds case: The real culprits of 9/11

Opening Minds to 9/11 Truth

The Suppressed September 11th

Too Many 9/11 Questions Still Unanswered

Responsible Criticism of the 9/11 Commission Report

9/11 Was there a conspiracy and if so what did the conspiracy entail?

I have posted a comment to this last post.

Keep asking questions.