Unity 08!

August 26, 2008

From my ‘progressive’ acquaintances, can’t call ’em friends anymore friends hang with ya even if they think you are wrong., on facebook I read and hear about how fabulous the Dem Convention in Colorado is going. I understand the weather is great and that Michelle Obama gave a good speech. Swell.

Here’s a slightly different look:

‘Get over it loser!’ Is a phrase Clinton supporters are apt to hear in the streets….

I’ve gotta tell ya folks, that is not how you build bridges, win over Hillary’s supporters and re-unite a party.  But that’s the kind of thing Hillary’s folks are hearing from BHO’s crowd in Denver this week, and the only way that’s going to stop is if The Chosen One takes the lead and tells them to knock it off’.

Check out the rest. Me? I’ll have a lot more to say later. I’m busy with computer construction and marketing. One thing I will be talking a lot about, as I find it interesting, is the tremendous similarity between how Obamacans, some Hillaristas and yer median RedStater act and think. One thing that Obama’s candidacy has made crystal clear for those with eyes to see is that politics can be a great leveler. The real question is….

Why the level is so low.


I Thought You might Like to Know….

August 19, 2008

Part I:

Part II:

Part III:

I dig stuff up….

You form your opinion. Just remember……

I don’t have to agree with you.

Essential Reading for all Democrats….

August 10, 2008

Is this site operated by The Denver Group. You will be hearing about them once the convention starts. Probably you will be hearing a lot.

Just keep in mind that according to it’s rules the Democratic Party despite what Obama and the corporatist press who so love him are acting like has not, in fact, elected a nominee. No voter by the delegates has been taken. None.

Latest reports have a haggard Howard Dean not looking very well and seeming to have lost quite a bit of weight. Obama was feeling good enough to play golf today as Russia invaded Georgia and McSame and The Hill were on the campaign trail. The HIll campaigning for Obama.

My personal opinion rendered without any satisfaction is that the wheels are going to come off the Convention ‘Unity Train’. There tension and actual hysteria are building. I’m not even going to report what some are saying the Obama campaign or it’s workers are doing. Not unless arrests are made…which is a possibility.

Old fashioned smash-mouth politics more akin to the 30s that ‘Yes we can!’ so hang on to yer TeeBee remote and stay tuned here also.

Flash Update: Here’s a little something I just tripped over…. So the next time I start ranting about what a lousy campaigner Barky is just think back to this little episode. Or you might find Tweety playing the tape and chortling about what a frikin’ Clown the Barkster is but that will not happen until he does become the nominee. If he does.

A. Citizen is Here! And He’s not ‘Shutting The Fuck Up’ nor ‘Toning it Down….’ to please a bunch of folks who want to sell Tee Shirts….

August 3, 2008

Fuck no he’s not.

Okay, enough with the ‘bad language’ but after months of b.s. It’s good to be on my own. I’ve got some good ideas for posts still percolating on energy, sustainablity, economics and if you think the fight for the soul of the Democratic Party is over you didn’t’ talk to……

This ‘…tired, old, racist White Dude.’


this ‘….uppity Asian Bitch.’

and yer missed the video:

And in conclusion read what this young Democrat has to say. If it don’t piss you off, if it don’t wake you the fuck up; you are dead from the neck up.

This nation needs the Democratic Party not a bunch of DNC assclowns playing at being ‘The Opposition’ not a Madame Speaker who has legitimized the crimes of George ‘President Death’ Bush; not a party where Howard Dean hands people’s votes to whomever Donna ‘Queen of Darkness’ Brazile points at. Did yah know that Howie will not take questions from the rank and file democrats he meets on his ‘victory tour’ for the ‘Presumptive Nominee’?

Yep, STFU! the battle cry of the little punks at CheetoLand and their leaders. Now the battle cry of ‘The One’. Whatever happened to ‘Yes, we can!’ Well, shit they did. Using the same techniques he learned in the most corrupt political city in the nation Obama has almost squeeked out the nomination. But many are now raising their voices in protest. Asking why Senator Clinton’s name should not be put up for vote at the Denver Convention. Yep, Obama’s folk say no vote is needed, contrary to convention rules, that he is the winner. This without taking a vote.


I guess we will see.

Just who shuts the fuck up and who keeps their trap shut for fear of giving offense or being labeled a racist. If you’ve swallowed enough Kool-Aide or are too scared to speak out then go ahead give up your right to be heard. You can still do what you like for a little while longer. You can be one of the silent ones.

But that ain’t gonna be me pals. I am going to shout it from the rooftops. ‘We need Obama for President like the country needs an outbreak of the plague!’

Enough for one day. I’ll be back pointing to sites you can go to to get a different perspective on various issues. And, I promise, I really am not gonna be ranting about Obama…much. The people will choose and that’s good enough for me. You see I practice what I preach. And if it was good enough for Thomas Jefferson….it’s good enough for me.

The Results are in…..

June 5, 2008

Delegates Votes

Clinton 1916 17,802,300

Obama 2154 17,501,751

If you liked 2000 you’re probably happy with this. Or….maybe not… Hillary is now being attacked, yet again, here is an excerpt from No Quarter; first Roger Simon of The Politico:

But her fighting words only increased the need for Obama to show that he can be strong, tough and in charge. Clinton’s unwillingness to recognize Obama as the victor only increased the need for Obama to act like
a president and not like a doormat. And denying her a vice presidential slot may be a way of doing that.

Next PaganPower of No Quarter:

And according to Simon, Obama is not going to be wasting his time trying to bring Hillary supporters into the fold.

It has been a hard-fought and sometimes bitter campaign, but Obama is not, one of his senior advisers assured me Tuesday night, going to spend a lot of time in the next few months wooing Clinton supporters whose feelings may be hurting.

“I think there are always immediate feelings of disappointment and anger,” Anita Dunn said. “But in the months ahead, he must appeal not just to the constituency groups who favored her in the primaries, but those he wants in the general election, and that includes independents and Republicans.”

Another Obama adviser, who asked not to be identified, said that he was not worried that Clinton supporters would stay angry.

Obama seems to have adopted the Alfred E. Newman “What, Me Worry?” campaign slogan. He does look a little like ole Alfred. In fact he looks a lot like him if you think about it. Especially those ears. And a MAD candidacy is all too evident.

Then the scary stuff begins.

“At the end of the day,” he went on, “Hillary supporters will look at John McCain and decide they are not going to vote for a man who will put judges on the Supreme Court who would overturn Roe v. Wade.”

I know it may come as a shock to Obama supporters but the President does not put justices on the Supreme Court. That is done by the US Senate. The same Senate now controlled by the Democrats that gave us the likes of Chief Justice John Roberts. So enough with these false boogeyman stories. They are all lies. But then again lies have been the core theme of the Obama Cult and their DNC and MSM enablers.

It is stories like these that we will all see in the coming weeks. Because the MSM (Obamedia), the DNC and the Obama Cult are going to do everything they can to minimize our importance. To them, nearly 18 million Americans that supported Hillary are inconsequential. As Hillary said of Bush, the same applies to Obama. And his political team made it very apparent last night.

To Obama we are The Invisible. He doesn’t care about us. He isn’t going to spend his time wooing us. He would rather try to make up the difference with Republicans. Now thats a Democratic party to be really proud of. Something I am sure Howard and Donna fully approve of.

PaganPower’s point about SCOTUS is right on. The fight for the Supreme Court is over. Obama helped put Roberts and Alito on the court; another example of his great judgment we hear so much about. Like voting for every single supplemental appropriation Mr. Decider has ‘requested’ for the Iraq ClusterFuck. The Corporatist wing of the Rethugs is in charge now and they have got what they want on SCOTUS a bunch of folks who believe that America must be made safe for any corporate excess deemed necessary for ‘maximizing shareholder value’ they are not going to let the Evangelicals fuck things up by overturning Roe vs. Wade. All of which is by way of saying SCOTUS is lost to progressives for a generations and Obama helped that happen. STFU about how we need him to ‘protect the court’. It’s delusional talk.

Bottom line: Obama, as he has all along, views any dissent from his views exactly as George W. Bush does. Of no importance and something that he can and will ignore. Welcome to the New Fascist Democratic Party™™. Hope ya like it. ‘Cause according to Obamacans, ‘There is no choice…’ Read the rest of this entry »

Breaking: Rezko goes down on 16 Counts….

June 4, 2008

Walks on eight.

Who’s Rezko some ask? Well, it’s a real long story and since I don’t want to get typist’s cramp I’m sending you to the Chicago Tribune a still great paper which has been covering the activities of the ‘Illinois Machine’ for years. What the heck is the ‘Illinois Machine’ you ask…

Tell me you didn’t vote in the CA Primary. If you don’t know what the ‘Illinois Machine’ is and who belongs to it you have not business near a voting machine.

What’s that?


malcontent sez: ‘Stop haranguing the folks and get with the linky’s’



Chicago Tribune and their ‘window on corruption…’

Man, that will take you hours to wade, and I do mean wade, through.


No Quarter breaks the news despite having been under various forms of  cyber-attack all night.


You think about it…do your own research.

Obama and the suicide of the Democratic Party is a topic I will be visiting time to time but I really can’t get too involved in.. As I told Howard Dean at facebook today I really cannot support the actions of the party in denying Dem primary voters their vote, a Republican tactic, to nominate a Republican-lite candidate who won by voter suppression. Howard could, of course, give f#$k what I think but hey….

It’s gonna be pretty hard to ban me from the blog where I write 93% of the posts. Jane, whom I also contacted at facebook, a woman whom I stand in awe of for her steel spine and great writing skills told the ‘Boyz on the Blogz’ and the Obamacans where it is at today. Outstanding post about what the situation realy is as opposed to having an orgasm every time the MSM announces that Hillary is conceding.

As always I report….you decide…

Flash Alert: I’m getting reports from everywhere that Hillary is conceding.  But… she’s not releasing her delegates….what next one wonders?

Uh…Senator…Kos….Chis….Tweety….Mr. Russert….

June 2, 2008

It’s not over ’til the votes are cast, and presumably counted although with Obama…that is not a foregone conclusion, what a freakin’ concept! Here listen to the lady here:

Sure looks ‘beat’ don’t she. I think Senator Obama is in for a fight.

Man, what could be better than a knock-down kick ’em in the goolies Convention fight. Let’s see and hear the policies from both sides. No more hiding and blowin’ smoke from Barkey…a clear first 100 days from Sister Beelzebub.

I just loves me some Democracy in action.