When Katie Couric is the only one who ‘gets it’ you know you are dealing with idiots….or worse….

May 28, 2008

Here is the woman who took Dan Rather’s spot:

‘…Katie Couric impressively argued that the media did fail to do its job — pointing out that the White House threatened networks which were perceived to be too critical with cutting off access to the war and that anyone who questioned the war was deemed unpatriotic and all of that "affected the level of aggressiveness that was exercised by the media"… ‘     

Not so rebutted elder newsman Charlie Gibson:

‘I think the questions were asked. I respectfully disagree with the gentle lady from the Columbia Broadcasting System [group giggles]. I think the questions were asked. . . . I can remember getting in trouble with administration officials for asking questions they didn’t feel comfortable with.

It was just a drumbeat of support from the administration. And it is not our job to debate them; it’s our job to ask the questions.’

Got that? Poor Charlie ‘got into trouble…’ what did they do Charlie make you drink Nescafe instead of your usual Cappuccino at the Presidential Pressers? Say, Charlie you still have all your arms and legs? Feet? Hands? Eyes? No blackouts Charlie? Oh good…everything’s just fine then.

No folks, this may seem like beating a dead dog but…

Clik thru and read the whole Glennzilla piece linked above, complete with video linky goodness, and you will find that since such a great job was, in fact, done on the MSM’s coverage of the run-up to and all that’s happened since in the Iraq conflict that…

Wait for it….

No changes are needed in our great corporatist media. They are doing a fantastic job keeping the people informed and actually deserve some more rewards for their work.


My question to you is: ‘What relationship to the ‘facts’ of the political situation here in America do you think the corporatist press’s work bears to what you would consider reality?’

Here’s a nice poll for ya.

And give this some thought the next time someone sez: ‘Obama is a shoe in in the Fall.’ or ‘There is no way Hillary can win….’ Give these and similar statements another look and ask yourself ;

‘How does he/she, or even me, know that? What does it say that we might even be convinced of said outcome.

Here is the poll………

Have fun and remember….

As long as you think you know a lot…..you don’t really know Jack!

What an Act of Citizenship looks like…..

May 24, 2008

Ambassador Joe Wilson’s very entertaining talk on Neocons, America, patriotism, and Republican traitors:

  • And here’s the rest in order:
  • Part II
  • Part III
  • Part IV
  • Part V
  • Amazing the ‘Boyz on the Blogz’ don’t have time for this. I guess Sister Beezlebub’s plan to have Senator Obama assassinated is taking all their time and attention.

    I’ve met Joe Wilson and talked with him. Every American should be proud that we have such men, and women like him, to stand up for our nation’s principles overseas and increasingly important…..

    …..here against the face of Fascism which has taken root in our soil and bids to block out the sun of liberty were it not for such as Joe Wilson.

    Take a look in the mirror tomorrow morning and ask yourself, ‘What do I intend to do to support such as Ambassador Wilson in the fight against American Fascism, wherever it may be found? What is my answer to B. Franklin’s question?’
    Because folks, like it or not, your answers to those questions will determine if you children live free or as slaves.

    Hmmmmmmmmmmmmm…..Now this is….Well, Barry do you and McSame want to explain this given your votes to fully fund…..

    May 23, 2008

    ‘Lil’ George’s excellent adventure in Iraqi land?

    We don’t know what we got.”

    by tristero

    Good morning! Are you sitting down?

    In one case, according to documents displayed by Pentagon auditors at the hearing before the House Committee on Oversight and Government Reform, a cash payment of $320.8 million in Iraqi money was authorized on the basis of a single signature and the words “Iraqi Salary Payment” on an invoice. In another, $11.1 million of taxpayer money was paid to IAP, an American contractor, on the basis of a voucher with no indication of what was delivered…

    The disclosure that $1.8 billion in Iraqi assets was mishandled comes on top of an earlier finding by an independent federal oversight agency, the Special Inspector General for Iraq Reconstruction, that United States occupation authorities early in the conflict could not account for the disbursement of $8.8 billion in Iraqi oil money and seized assets.

    A billion here, a billion there…

    And then check this out:

    The mysterious payments, whose amounts had not been publicly disclosed, included $68.2 million to the United Kingdom, $45.3 million to Poland and $21.3 million to South Korea. Despite repeated requests, Pentagon auditors said they were unable to determine why the payments were made.

    “It sounds like the coalition of the willing is the coalition of the paid — they’re willing to be paid,” said Mr. Waxman

    And some more details:

    In one instance, a United States Treasury check for $5,674,075.00 was written to pay a company called Al Kasid Specialized Vehicles Trading Company in Baghdad for items that a voucher does not even describe.

    In another case, $6,268,320.07 went to the contractor Combat Support Associates with even less explanation. And a scrawl on another piece of paper says only that $8 million had been paid out as “Funds for the Benefit of the Iraqi People.”

    But perhaps the masterpiece of elliptic paperwork is the document identified at the top as a “Public Voucher for Purchases and Services Other Than Personal.” It indicates that $320.8 million went for “Iraqi Salary Payment,” with no explanation of what the Iraqis were paid to do.

    Whatever it was, the document suggests, each of those Iraqis was handsomely compensated. Under the “quantity” column is the number 1,000, presumably indicating the number of people who were to be paid — to the tune of $320,800 apiece — if the paperwork is to be trusted.

    “…if the paperwork is to be trusted.” Now that’s funny. But the joke’s on us.

    Tell ya what….
    I ain’t laughing.

    Not going to get angry about this….will not lose my temper….Nope, not gonna get angry….

    May 8, 2008

    but I am going to ask you to take action. It seems our ‘Democrat’ Party lawmakers can’t even do that. Make laws that is without some outside help that is. Yep, the Telcos have stepped up to the plate to ‘help’ resolve the FISA crisis. I say send their CEOs and head legal counsel to the chokey. They all knew what they were doing and are still doing today was and is illegal. Totally illegal….

    That’s why they want a get out of jail card folks. And guess who’s their to ‘help’ them ‘help’ the House. Our pals, our Democratic ‘Leaderscum’ Queen Pelosi and  her faithful sidekick Steney ‘I love Money’ Hoyer. Here’s a link to tell Hoyer, ‘Hell no!’ on this. Here’s one to the House and here’s one to the Senate. Let ’em know how you feel. And, no, I don’t care how polite you are these assclowns are obviously listening to the sound of big money and ya gotta really get fierce to be heard over that.

    And as we approach the elections please remember that Sister Beezlebub, McSame and The Glass-Jawed Barry are not the only game in town. We’ve two very progressive candidates for Madame Speaker’s job and frankly I can think of no better way to send a message than to give her the boot. That may not be possible, no polling exists as far as I know, but at the least we can send her a message. Something along the lines of, ‘Shape up or Ship Out!’

    Frankly, I’d like to see her go or lose her Speakership. She’s been, as have many others in the Dem caucus, much more Republican than Democrat and that is not what the citizenry wants. Of that I am certain sure.

    So, stay tuned. McSame vs. Whoevah! is not the only game in town.

    Uh…Miss Nancy? Excuse me…yeah, I know you are very busy……

    May 4, 2008

    planning the next great big give away to your corporate pals, gonna be hard to top the farm bill that’s for sure, but…well, you see…What with:

    Impeachment of the table….

    Another 178 Billion for Bush’s excellent adventure….

    No action on literally dozens of folks accused of everything from child rape to big time embezzlement to a guy changing legislation after it was sighed by your best pal Mr. Decider…..

    Some have made up their minds like this lady:

    That it’s time for you to go. Go away where you can no longer damage the Democratic Party, no longer damage our nation, no longer damage our society.

    As mah cousin Pat allu sez: ‘Don’t let the door  knob hit ya where the good Lord split ya!’ on your way out.

    Is time running out on ‘The Torturerers’?

    April 23, 2008

    Could be. This story seems to indicate that ‘some’ in the EU are ready to enforce the rule of law no matter who they need to confront. If you’ve read much of what I’ve been saying for the last four years you will know that this comes as no surprise to me.

    Question is how surprised will the estimable Professor Yoo be not to mention Dean Edgerly when the Bundeskriminalamt, German State Police, come a callin’? Here’s the opening para:

    ‘It’s not easy for me to generate a lot of sympathy for a CIA man involved in a kidnapping, but I feel sorry for Bob Lady.

    Lady, many readers will remember, was the CIA’s base chief in Milan, Italy, and nominally in charge of a February 2003 agency operation to snatch an al Qaeda suspect off the city’s streets.

    Sounded like a pretty good idea at the time. It was only a few months after we’d been smacked, big time, by al Qaeda killers here.

    But the snatch turned into a public relations nightmare two years later when Italian authorities announced they had eyewitnesses and indisputable evidence tying the CIA to the crime.

    So last week 26 Americans, most of them CIA employees, went on trial in Milan for kidnapping, albeit in absentia and to little notice here. They are fugitives from justice, with international warrants issued for their arrests.’

    Read the whole thing. The times….they be a changing thanks to the idiot twins Cheney and Bush.

    The Question of ‘What to Do About Professor Yoo’?

    April 20, 2008

    Today is our first meeting in meatspace about the the alleged criminal Yoo. Many have asserted he is a war criminal, so I believe, there is no question but that he has played a role in BushCo.’s attempt to negate the Geneva Convention and simultaneously insulate themselves from prosecuting under that set of international laws. Many have likened him to a mob lawyer cranking out whatever bogus motions or pleas it takes to keep his bosses out of jail. He has not yet been found guilty of anything but other facts and customs apply to his maintaining his position as Professor of Law at Boalt Hall Law School. I will report back what the group discussion is late today. Please study this post and the relevant links, making comments as you see fit, as the answer to my question is neither simple nor easy to achieve. But as I have already said to more than one commenter about this:

    Silence in the face of evil is itself evil: God will not hold us guiltless. Not to speak is to speak. Not to act is to act.’

    -Dietrich Bonhoeffer

    My involvement with this issue goes back several years to when I found out that the despicable Yoo is a tenured Professor of Law at Boalt Hall Law School which is part of my alma mater the University of California at Berkeley. This fact I considered, and still do, a stain on my school’s reputation of which I generally am very proud. I have written on more than one occasion to the then Dean of Boalt and the President of the UC system asking that Yoo be sent packing. I have made it clear that I will not be receptive to any requests for help from the University until he is gone.

    I have never received a single reply to my letters.

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