A New Day?

November 5, 2008

Or just more bullshit?

We’re gonna find out. Hope you enjoy the ride.

Anothere take on ‘Outsourcing’…heh…

October 30, 2008

Yep, I was on the phone to India while getting ‘support’ for my installation of MS Small Business 2007 and you will never, never, believe how I finally got it ‘installed’.

Don’t forget to vote and don’t forget to stay tuned afterwards to track what is being done…

In your name.

The translation of this song, interestingly it’s about separation, is here.

Do You Ever Wonder Why the Roads in Your Town are Turning into Gravel?

August 17, 2008

Wonder no more. It’s because ‘some people’ are not paying their fair share of the cost of government. Otherwise known as taxes. I know this story has been in the corporatist press but I thought this post:

Based on IRS records, a recent GAO report indicates that many corporations claimed to owe $0 in U.S. taxes from 1998 – 2005: roughly 28%-53% of large foreign-controlled and 23%-38% of large U.S.-controlled corporations. [The GAO considers a "large" corporation one with at least $250 million in assets or $50 million in gross receipts.

From NoQuarter had a lot more detail and so link to it.

There is a growing opportunity for those of us who are economically literate, a tiny minority, to take back the high ground in the never ending debate about taxes, government and what should be done by same. The ‘conservative’ shills who’ve been preaching the Friedman Lunacy for decades are gob-smacked that the ‘trickle down’ theory has at last been proved to be the utter bullshit that it is. There is a desperate air of ‘now what do we do…’  as the third artificial bubble of ‘asset building’, housing, pops following  the dot.com bubble and ‘financialization’ coming from the morons such as Greenspan who’ve been ‘supervising ‘ our economy. As Ol’ Shakespeare opined, ‘The truth will out…’ and now folks are waking up to the realization that while their real income has declined every year since Nixon under the Republican fantasy machine corporations and very wealthy individuals merely extract whatever amounts of cash they need from the U.S. Treasury, that’s us Homer, in the form of  taxes not paid.

This report points a finger at why you, yeah you Homer, ‘can’t’ have healthcare, good schools, well-maintained roads, safe food and on and on…. The next time some low-info fool tells you, ‘Oh, we can’t afford that…’ about some needed social program tell them the following:

‘Of course we can afford that. If corporations and the uber-rich would pay their fair share of taxes instead of bribing Congress to give them a free pass we’d’ have plenty of money to take care of the real, immediate needs of our society.’

And if they start bloviating tell them this:

‘Surely you are not advocating that some, particularly those best able to pay, should be excused from their social obligation to pay their fair share of the costs they helped create are you?’

More on how your are being screwed solely because you are NOT rich in future posts.

Say…Anyone out there really give a fuck? Really……Well here’s one member of your government who does.

August 10, 2008

What do you care about? Your health? Your family? Your children? How about something that is affecting all those and in a decidedly negative way? Let’s watch the third ranking Democrat in the Senate the Senator from North Dakota Byron Dorgan talk about how your government is doing.

Let’s listen to him talk about the American worker:

The Employee Free Choice Act:

Notice how he points out that the fat corrupt toads who have historically, and continue to do so it would seem, sat in the chamber of ‘The Greatest Deliberative Body in the World….’ had zip to do with helping workers?

Here’s ‘The Money Pit Part I:’

Anyone really think some of that 18 Billion never left the States…or just made a quick round trip to to some selected Solons…18 Billion in cash….no accounting. No wonder Bush can wear $7,000.00 boots, eh? Maybe the continuous, unrestrained voting  for more unaudited, off the books spending is starting to seem a little…er, understandable?

Anyone really think some of that 18 Billion never left the States…or just made a quick round trip to to some selected Solons…18 Billion in cash….no accounting. No wonder Bush can wear $7,000.00 boots, eh?

Let’s wrap this up with the Senator speaking at length on slave labor Immigration.

If any of this got ya going here are some phone numbers:

Madame Speaker of the House the Honorable Nancy Pelosi: (202) 225-0100

Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid: 202-224-3542

And most importantly call Senator Dorgan here: (202) 224-2551 and thank him for his work. He surely deserves some praise.

Oh..yeah…I almost forgot…..This………………………..

I liked this in particular:

‘…administration and military officials say it’s not that easy to distribute the money. They contend that Iraq’s lack of spending isn’t due to laziness or corruption, but rather Baghdad’s inability to determine where its money is needed most and how to allocate it efficiently.’

In other words they’ve got so much money they can’t figure out what to spend it on first. Thanks Madame Speaker, thanks Harry, thanks especially to ‘The One’ who has voted for every ’emergency appropriation…’ for Iraq. And they are all, every one ‘….emergency appropriations..’ and not included in the nation’s budget. Budget…hah, what a concept.

Hey! All this yellin’ and screamin’ about Barry….Wright….Sister Beezlebub…Scotty’s new book….Limbaugh….Well, guess what?

May 30, 2008

The Bush Presidency is a huge success. Click on the chart above to see just
how well he’s done ‘helping’ the nation recover from the Clinton fiasco.

Then….clik this….

as you can see things are so cool I posted a real cool clip for ya!

How you ‘creative class’ folks doin’ Ever thing Kooool?

Thas nice.

Here’s a very interesting post from our blogroll associate Robert Oak.

May 8, 2008

I’ts all about  Social Security…yeah, yeah, I know your are holding your head in pain and resignation. Well, if you think you don’t have an interest in the system your either a teenager strung out on Ayn Rand or a ReThug NutJob Economist. Since either are not really likely to be reading this….

I’ll link to the parent post thru this paragraph. Do dig into the links all the way down to level 3 as they will give you some real food for thought:

‘Now, there is a legitimate progressive objection to Obama’s discussion of fixing Social Security by adjusting the cap: any talk of reforming Social Security inevitably plays into the hands of those out to privatize it by trumping up a phony crisis. But that hardly seems to be the point of the Clinton campaign flyer.

Too bad it wasn’t. Clinton gets it: in the past she herself has warned that acting as if Social Security is in crisis is "a Republican trap."’

Please read the whole thing…links an all.

The Democratic Party….Too stupid to live?

April 22, 2008

Barry running around screaming, ‘If you don’t support me you are a racist.’ Sister Beezlelbub telling us McSame won’t be as bad as The Decider…Du’oh! Yep all the stupid things you expect from The Circus, my new nickname for party politics in America and why not they got Elephants and Asses in the circus do they not…lots and lots and lots and lots of clowns too, and maybe even some things you did not expect. Like Oprah! or Bill Clinton, racist dog, but here is where reality meets the road and to the progressive movement’s loss.

No more Rockridge Institute. Nope, all gone and could have been put on a regular footing for I estimate .000000001 per cent of what Barry spent on ads calling Clinton a Beeotch.

Oh, well….’hope’, ‘change’ and all the rest will be what we have to work with. Funny how this is all working out. Barry runs and we end up with a semi-deserted blasted heath where once a thriving progressive community stood. ‘Crazy Joe’ is doing cartwheels I am sure.

If you find my take on Barry a little harsh; well, his campaign was just bragging about raising 1 million in one minute to spend losing in PA and he will, not doubt, raise millions more to lose in the GE assuming he gets that far and the Grand Poo-Bahs of the ‘Demcorat’ Part will wonder why they continue to lose a Republican Party which is never shy about spending money on infrastructure. They just luvs them some ID politic even though the Rethugs regularly clean their clocks whenever they, the ‘Demcorat’ Party, try to use same.

Now, I wonder why that is.

Thanks Dead Loser Caucus.

Elizabeth Edwards Favors Hillary’s Health Plan.

March 31, 2008

From NoQuarter we have:

Los Angeles Times, March 31, 2008

[Elizabeth] Edwards said she favored Hillary Rodham Clinton’s healthcare plan over Barack Obama’s.

Read the whole post by SusanUnPC here……….

And Barry?

I wouldn’t be holding my breathe on that Edwards endorsement. At least one Edwards has got your number…and she don’t like it.

Uh….Foxes in the Henhouse again!

March 29, 2008

Stormy over at Angry Bear takes a quick look at Paulson and his bloviatiing. Here ‘s the teaser quote:

Foxes in the hen house? And where were the foxes before March 2008? Smiling? Or try this one:

Financial markets in the United States have developed into world class centers of capital and have led financial innovation.

Paulson gives a nice pat on the back for our “centers of capital” that have “led financial innovation.” Wonder what members of the committee inserted that one? Yes, yes, the industry leaders we now have to rescue. But marvel, please, at all those financial innovations. And I just cannot get my head around the next one:

Now, however, maturing foreign financial markets and their ability to provide alternate sources of capital and financial innovation in a more efficient and modern regulatory system are pressuring the U.S. financial services industry and its regulatory structure.

Read the whole thing; pretty good stuff as usual from those guys.

Congress will matter more as we now have a new branch of government: Supreme Court, Inc.

March 24, 2008

Yep, Bush the Hahvahd ‘CEO’ President, goin’ BK with the nation looks like but more about that later, has succeeded in one of the ‘conservative’ Reich Wing’s fondest dreams. He’s ‘corporatized’ the Supreme Court. Here is the opening para from the NYT:

The headquarters of the U.S. Chamber of Commerce, located across from Lafayette Park in Washington, is a limestone structure that looks almost as majestic as the Supreme Court. The similarity is no coincidence: both buildings were designed by the same architect, Cass Gilbert. Lately, however, the affinities between the court and the chamber, a lavishly financed business-advocacy organization, seem to be more than just architectural. The Supreme Court term that ended last June was, by all measures, exceptionally good for American business. The chamber’s litigation center filed briefs in 15 cases and its side won in 13 of them — the highest percentage of victories in the center’s 30-year history. The current term, which ends this summer, has also been shaping up nicely for business interests.

Go on and read the whole disgusting thing. But remember one very important historical fact. The Supreme Court has been on the wrong side of the people’s’ will in the past, Slavery and the era of the railroad trusts come immediately to mind, and the nation never stopped in it’s inexorable march to being a more diverse and progressive nation.

We won’t stop now.