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October 31, 2008

‘Politics is distasteful…..’

Check it out. It might change your view of a few things….

SUSA ‘State of Play’ for the GE: Obama the great ‘Unifier’ looks like….well, suppose you tell me?

March 21, 2008
Hillary Clinton 294
John McCain 231
Tie 13
John McCain 288
Barack Obama 238
Tie 12

Hillary vs. McCain:

Obama vs. McCain:

And just for giggles Kerry vs. Bush, remember colors are reversed here:

What happened to that Obama ‘Tidal Wave’ he looks an awful lot like
Ol’ ‘MushMouth’ Kerry against Boosh than the avatar of the new, new,
new thing.

Oh my, that Florida thing…that don’t look to good for Senator ‘Hopey’.

In case you were wondering Senator Biden This is How you Stop the War….

September 17, 2007

Biden and others of the MI Complex Caucus in the Senate have been on every press the meat Sunday show for weeks whining about
how, ‘Our hands are tied…There’s nothing we can do….yadda and yadda…’ paraphrased bloviation, but they know better than that. The
Klieman strategy is all over the Internet. Check this out:

‘There’s been lots of hand-wringing about what Senate Democrats should do about Iraq, all of it premised on the idea that they need either a filibuster-proof (60-vote) majority or a veto-proof (67-vote) majority. To which I can only say, “Huh? Howzzat again?”

Anything that can be ridden on the Defense Appropriations bill (or on a continuing resolution) doesn’t need 60 votes in the Senate. It needs 51 votes in the Senate, or 218 in the House, that will stand firm.

Take, for example, the Webb Amendment, forbidding troops from being required to serve tours in Iraq longer than the spells between tours. If passed, it would force a troop drawdown by spring.

The Democrats should offer the Webb Amendment when the Defense Appropriation comes up. If the Republicans want to filibuster, fine. Don’t pull the amendment. Just let them keep filibustering. As long as the amendment is on the floor, there can be no vote on the bill itself. Keep calling cloture votes, one per day. After a few days, start asking how long the Republicans intend to withhold money to fund troops in the field in order to pursue their petty partisan agenda.

If the Republicans in the Senate hold firm, it’s their stubbornness that’s holding up the bill. If they fold, and the bill gets to the President’s desk and he vetoes it, then pass the same damned bill again. And start asking how long the President intends to block funding for troops in the field in order to pursue his petty partisan agenda.

As of October 1, there’s no money to fund the war. So the usual move is to pass a continuing resolution, which keeps the money flowing until the appropriation passes. Fine. Pass a continuing resolution with the Webb Amendment attached. If the CR runs into a filibuster or a veto, ask how long …

Really, this isn’t very hard. With the voters overwhelmingly interested in getting us the hell out of Iraq, the Democrats can make full use of the power of the purse without worrying about a backlash, especially with Webb as the public face of the campaign.

Footnote Plan B is to pass the amendment in the House and let the Senate conferees accept the House version. Then it goes back to the Senate for a straight up-or-down vote, with the Republican dead-enders in the position of directly voting against money to fund the troops in the field. Not a vote I’d care to defend, especially if I were up for re-election next year.’

So Senators of the Capitulation Caucus, as it is called over at OrangeLand, can you fools count, something besides the money the MI Complex is shoving in your pockets that is.

We out here if Free Left Blogistan can.

My Letter to Wes Clark…

September 15, 2007

Dear General Clark:

It’s hard to frame in words my deep disappointment in your endorsement of Senator Clinton.

Having met you at YearlyKos 2006 I had felt that you were amazingly enough a progressive despite your years in the military. Sadly, that is clearly not the case.

I close with two questions for you General Clark:

‘How long will we continue to let the MI complex dictate our very society’s shape and spirit?’ Are the answers to all our problems simply a bigger military hammer as the Senator advocates?

General the nation is crying out for a change in direction. Not more of the same so the war profiteers can continue to loot the U.S. Treasury with your and the Senator’s permission.

The Republican meme of a ‘strong military’ is wearing too thin to carry Senator Clinton to victory.

Or at least so I hope.

I’m un-subscribing from your email list as I truly doubt you will be part of the solutions to our nation’s problems.


John Edwards responds to ‘The Decider’ and his call for Endless War.

September 13, 2007

John Edwards on Bush and his endless war. Are you listening Miss Nancy and Gutless Harry?

Osama bin Laden tells the American people what they already know.

September 7, 2007

A rough and ready transcript of bin Laden’s statement:

He says to the American people, “you made one of your greatest mistakes, in that you neither brought to account nor punished those who waged this war, not even the most violent of its murderers, [former Defense Secretary Donald] Rumsfeld…”

“You permitted Bush to complete his first term, and stranger still, chose him for a second term, which gave him a clear mandate from you — with your full knowledge and consent — to continue to murder our people in Iraq and Afghanistan. Then you claim to be innocent! The innocence of yours is like my innocence of the blood of your sons on the 11th — were I to claim such a thing.”

Bin Laden says President Bush’s words echo “neoconservatives like Cheney, Rumsfeld, and Richard Perle.”

“People of America: the world is following your news in regards to your invasion of Iraq, for people have recently come to know that, after several years of tragedies of this war, the vast majority of you want it stopped. Thus, you elected the Democratic Party for this purpose, but the Democrats haven’t made a move worth mentioning. On the contrary, they continue to agree to the spending of tens of billions to continue the killing and war there.”

I wonder what Miss Nancy and Gutless Harry Reid think of being lectured to by Osama bin Laden on their own failures. Of course the conventional wisdom is that ‘Osama’s an evil enemy of ours….’ and thus you should pay no attention to what he has to say. Yep, nothing to see here…move along….nothing to see here.

You won’t get an argument from me about OBL being our enemy. Sadly, due to the luck of the draw, or corporatist and ReThuglican vote rigging take yer pick, we’ve been saddled with a guy…Mr. Decider who clearly is a sick joke, an absolute failure at the job he now holds and for that matter every other job he ever had. It’s pretty clear to me that the real reason that Rove and many others have left is that they are very worried. Worried that Bush will suffer a complete mental breakdown before his term is out. We may have seen that today.

So Osama is still on the loose and yet the ‘LeaderSheep’ of the ‘Democrat’ Party are paralyzed with fear. No, not fear of OBL. Fear of Mr. Decider. They are so scared that Miss Nancy !Gaspt! broke her promise to the folks at OrangeLand. Damn, she can’t face the rude, uncivil bloggers it’s no wonder she can’t deal with the likes of Mr. Decider, even in his mentally incompetent state, or the newest of political pundits Osama bin Laden.

MeatHaid and Tweety better watch out OBL may be about to show them how this ‘punditry’ game should be played. He’s off to a strong start.

We are truly through the looking glass folks. Check out Kid Oakland’s diary about what’s happening in ‘Democrat’ Party Land and contemplate what you are willing to do about it.

The Latest ‘Campaign Confidential’ with A.Citizen Comments Added On.

August 24, 2007

Clinton volunteer army ramps up in California

They seek absentee votes here before polls open elsewhere

Carla Marinucci, Chronicle Political Writer

Tuesday, August 21, 2007

They call themselves “HillStars,” and they are part of a dedicated campaign army – the “HillCorps.”

And with just more than five months until California’s Feb. 5 presidential primary, the effort by the campaign of New York Sen. Hillary Rodham Clinton to organize trained volunteers – 1,000 strong across the state – suggests it is no coincidence that she has amassed a 30-point lead in California over her closest Democratic rival, Illinois Sen. Barack Obama.

The Democratic front-runner’s California grassroots organizing effort has been dubbed by Clinton campaign strategists as the “1,000-20-200” plan. And it will use “the power of the Internet with traditional field methods to create millions of voter contacts leading up to the Feb. 5 primary,” according to a 27-page “HillStar” campaign manual obtained by The Chronicle.

The Clinton campaign strategy in California is noteworthy for its scope and for its target – to help her secure the votes of potentially millions of absentee voters in California’s rich delegate field before Democratic voters in Iowa and New Hampshire ever weigh in at the polls.

“Politics is about the bottom line,” said Averill “Ace” Smith, Clinton’s California campaign manager, who noted that in 2008, “the largest number of votes cast at a relatively early stage” will be in California.

Beginning Jan. 7 – when voters can begin to cast absentee ballots in the state – “we have a 29-day election” that starts before the current Jan. 14 schedule for the Iowa caucus and the Jan. 22 New Hampshire primary, Smith said.

That calls for unprecedented organization and innovation in California to get those voters to the polls, Clinton senior adviser Ann Lewis said in an interview Monday in San Francisco.

For the first serious female presidential candidate, Lewis said, “the power of networks, the growth of social networks, will be the strength of this campaign.”

Presidential candidates are lavishing the lion’s share of money and attention on early primary states such as Iowa, New Hampshire and South Carolina, and some political strategists suggested the efforts by the Clinton campaign to build, train and organize a California bank of 20,000 volunteers is a savvy move. That could help Clinton guard her front-runner status and construct a crucial firewall against Democratic rivals such as Obama and former North Carolina Sen. John Edwards – regardless of the results in Iowa and New Hampshire.

“This is classic front-runner’s strategy – pushed to a whole new level,” said GOP consultant Dan Schnur.

Schnur said the late Lee Atwater pursued a similar strategy in 1988 for then-Vice President George H.W. Bush, intended to establish a grassroots network to send a message of overpowering strength – and inevitability – to his rivals.

“An organization like this doesn’t build her lead. It’s designed to protect it,” Schnur said.

Clinton faces challenges in Iowa and New Hampshire from Obama and Edwards, in the weeks before California and other states vote on Feb. 5, and he said such an effort is “a matter of logistics.”

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