Robert Oak, an online friend of mine, has a post up….

October 31, 2008

‘Politics is distasteful…..’

Check it out. It might change your view of a few things….

Sometimes it really does only take one picture….And this is it for me.

August 7, 2008

Howie, Donna, Miss Nancy, Senator Obama,  ‘Fittin’ Harry Reid, Rahm ‘The Rabbit’ Emmanuel, Senators Schumer, Kerry, Kennedy, there is someone on the phone for you.

Sez it’s very urgent!

Yeah, something about don’t forget to pick up your ‘bag’.

No guesses as to what it’s stuffed with.

Your government for sale to…

Well, whoever wants to buy.

Man….I luvs me some Courage Campaign…

May 21, 2008

…and this is why:

Vodpod videos no longer available.

instead of hysteria about ‘bitches’ and ‘racists’ we get measure thoughtful campaigns such as this from Eden and his crew.

I do have a question for ya though: ‘Do you really think that just sitting on yer backsides and watching TeeBee or lurking in the threads in the ‘sphere is gonna turn the country around?

Yeah, I know….you’ve all got jobs, kids, house payments etc. You are buuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuusssssssssssssy! Well…did ya ever stop to think that the reason your are so busy is that the uber-rich through their
sockpuppets have appropriated the cabbage, the molah, the frikin’ money to such and extent that there really, really isn’t much ‘left over’ for you and your children. That thought ever cross your mind?

Well it should.

And I really hate to break it to ya but….

It’s gonna get worse. This next ten years will tell the tale. Will the SuperClass and their meatpuppets the Republican and ‘Democrat’ Party be able to finally kill of the will of the people and their representatives, members few though they be of the Democratic Party…progressive orgs like the afore mentioned Courage Campaign, folks like this and this and these folks at ActBlue!

It’s really up to you and I will be frank from what I’ve heard lately you are not up to it. People are under the delusion that Barry is gonna win the GE and he will magically transform the existing government almost overnight. This is highly unlikely for many a reason and it’s not my intent to get into it here. If you wanna argue meet me in the comments. And bring you more than a butterknife…it will be a shootout at the OK Corral partner.

This election is gonna be the last wake up call you are gonna get. I highly recommend you not leave it to the Pelosi’s, Emmanuel’s and Schumer’s much less the disappointing Dean and the deranged Brazile to do what is really your job:

Clean House in the House.

It Looks ot me as if Senator ‘Barky’ is….Well, he’s not doin’ to well…

May 21, 2008

Yeah….He won Oregon…Yadda. So what. Get a load of this:

Electoral College Map

Electoral College Map

Yesterday, Sen. Barack Obama had a 63.2% probability of defeating Sen. John McCain in a general election held now. Today there were three new relevant head-to-head poll released for this race.

So, now, after 10,000 simulated elections, Obama wins 5,508 times (plus the 300 ties), and McCain wins 4,192 times. Obama has a 58.1% (55.1% plus 3% for ties) probability of winning and McCain has a 41.9% probability of winning. Obama has slipped a bit against McCain, but maintains an “uncomfortable” lead.

Here is the distribution of electoral votes [FAQ] from the simulations:

Not so bad you say?

Now look at this:

Poll Analysis: Clinton Inches Forward on McCain

Clinton McCain
89.7% probability of winning 10.2% probability of winning
Mean of 295 electoral votes Mean of 243 electoral votes

Electoral College Map

Electoral College Map

Yesterday, Sen. Hillary Clinton had a 89.3% probability of defeating Sen. John McCain in a general election held now. Today there was a single new relevant head-to-head poll released for this race.

Today, after 10,000 simulated elections, Clinton wins 8,969 times (plus she gets the 10 ties), and McCain wins 1,021 times. Clinton has a 89.8% probability of winning a general election held now, and McCain has a 10.2% probability of winning. Clinton edges forward, ever so slightly.

Here is the distribution of electoral votes [FAQ] from the simulations:

Okay so I’m glad I’m not a SuperDelegate….but, and I’m talkin’ to those of your out there who are adamant about not letting McSame get elected, if you are serious about that you’d better put down the damn Kool-Aid ’cause no amount of ‘make nice’ by Barkey is gonna change this dynamic. Barry’s been going downhill since Texas and he ain’t comin’ back. Yeah, McSame has said a lot of stupid shit…news flash so has Barkey. Clinton, not so much she’s been astute enough to keep her mouth shut. And all this Monte Carloing is before most Americans really now the Rezko to Auchi toss much less the latest Barky food for ReThug attack ads.


What’s Ol’ Barky done now?

Uh….it’s Michelle this time…and it’s not gonna be pretty if this post by Larry Johnson is accurate.

And he’s been pretty much Wright so far about Barkey.

What to do?

Email yer SDs and tell ‘me you really, really really don’t want this to happen:

Uh…Miss Nancy? Excuse me…yeah, I know you are very busy……

May 4, 2008

planning the next great big give away to your corporate pals, gonna be hard to top the farm bill that’s for sure, but…well, you see…What with:

Impeachment of the table….

Another 178 Billion for Bush’s excellent adventure….

No action on literally dozens of folks accused of everything from child rape to big time embezzlement to a guy changing legislation after it was sighed by your best pal Mr. Decider…..

Some have made up their minds like this lady:

That it’s time for you to go. Go away where you can no longer damage the Democratic Party, no longer damage our nation, no longer damage our society.

As mah cousin Pat allu sez: ‘Don’t let the door  knob hit ya where the good Lord split ya!’ on your way out.

Our First Woman President? We report you decide……

April 8, 2008

Barry…Senator Obama….What say you sir?


Do you hear what she is saying?

U.S. out of Iraq starting NOW!

And…Genurul ‘Betrayus’….Sir, bloviate all you want abut ‘military calculus….’ yadda…yadda….yadda….’ Sir,

General you are never gonna get the citizenry to agree that 2 + 2 = 5. That might be ‘The Math’ for bonehead losers like
yourself and your boss ‘The Decider’ but the rest of us know better….

Yep and we also know just what we think of this guy.

Asshole, no doubt but folks are, as they are apt to do, moving on to a new opinon about Mr. Decidedly Stupid and his Sidkick ‘Shooter’.

That purchase of a big chunk of Paraguay by the ‘D’ man is starting to look like a good idea.

Were I you Generul, Sir, I’d start looking for a nice fat gig at General Dynamics. For you, Sir, medals and all are going under the bus.

Real soon.

I’m the Chairman!

January 28, 2008

Watch this and see what the ‘Democrat’ ‘leaders’ of the Congress are thinking….

I got a question for ya Conyers ya balless piece of buzzard-bait.

Chairman of exactly what?

A Congressional Committee more concerned with re-election than with their sworn Constitutional duty? Nice of you to admit it on TV but then you have nothing
but contempt for the American citizenry.

Well, I hope everyone who sees this posts it to their blog so a lot of people can see what you reall are: Spineless Polecat, Sir. That’s what you are.